Son Marries Mother after She Gets Pregnant with His Baby

by Ron (London, England)

I was spread totally nude before my son Ron. Thick pussy juice oozed from my clean shaven pussy soaking my asshole.

My son Ron was standing fully naked near the bed looking at his mother whom he was looking at to consummate the forbidden sex act called incest.

HE was holding his thick circumcised cock, preparing it to enter his mother's cunt. My son Ron lay down beside me.

HE kissed me on my lips and played with my breasts. HE turned me over on my stomach and kissed my back, legs and then his tongue found the crack of my ads.

His tongue licked my asscheeks and spread them wide entering on my puckered asshole. He licked my hole and entered his tongue inside my anus. I liked his tongue inside my asshole.

I caught his thick circumcised cock and licked the tip trying to enter my tongue inside his pee-hole. After the foreplay we were ready to consummate the sexual act of copulation between Mother and Son..INCEST.

My son Ron lay above me and spread apart my cuntlips. I took hold of his penis and placed the knob on my cunt hole.

I dipped his knob on the opening of my vagina and smeared it with my cunt juices and his precum. Ron pushed his penis deep inside my vagina.

I helped him by pushing my pelvis upwards and pressing his buttocks with my palms. Since I was having sex after a gap of four years I felt some pain while my vagina accommodated my son's thick cock.

My cunt muscles were overstretched as it slowly adjusted to his thick penis. Then my son Ron started pushing his cock in and out of my pussy.

After a few strokes my vagina got accommodated to his thick shaft and I started to enjoy the sexual intercourse as the wonderful friction of my son's awesome cock against my hungry pussy set me on fire.

I met his strokes by lifting my pelvis upwards and pressing my pubis against his. I whimpered helplessly as my son fucked his mom. My cunt muscles gripped my son's cock and started twitching on his penis.

After 15minutes of fucking my son released a copious amount of his semen deep inside his own mother's vagina.

We remained sexually tied until his cock relaxed and my cunt muscles released the grip on my son's cock. In 15 days my pregnancy test was positive. I was carrying my son's baby in my womb.

We went to a far off place as my pregnancy advanced. We mom and son married and started living together like husband and wife. After nine months I gave birth to a baby girl. She is now two years old and we are now expecting our second child.

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