The Loving Sister

by Val (OR)

“Carlie!” Danny said, surprised to see his sister naked in the living room.

“What?” she questioned innocently. “Well, mom and dad aren’t home,” she pointed out. Quite carelessly she added, “I don’t mind if my own brother sees me naked.”

Danny looked just a bit modest over seeing his sister with nothing on. She was a year older than him, and the two of them had always gotten along. In some ways, knowing his sister, he wasn’t surprised that she was so casual about that. She was quite attractive, with orange hair, like their mom, which reached to her shoulders. Her physique was shapely and athletic. Her breasts were nicely full with twin darker pink nipples, and she had a patch of dark reddish pubic hair.

Carlie grinned a bit mischievously. “You could always be naked, too” she told her brother.

Danny blushed just a little bit.

“I’m on the pill,” she told him in a matter of fact way.

Danny knew that she was. That mom had put her on the pill as a precaution.

“Geez, Carlie,” he said.

Then with complete aplomb she said, “I wouldn’t mind if my brother fucked me.”

Danny was surprised. The two of them had never been sexual before, and here his sister was saying that it would be okay for the two of them to do that? Of course brothers and sister did do things like that together, and apparently his sister had no problems with that.

“Or would you feel funny doing that with your sister?” she asked.

“I … I don’t know,” Danny said, unsure. He had never really thought about having sex with his own sister before. Not as such.

“We could do it … just once,” she said. She smiled at him. “It’d be nice to do it with my brother.”

“Oh. Okay … I guess,” Danny said. He swallowed feeling just a bit nervous.

Carlie smiled happily. “Come on. We can do it in my room.”

He followed his naked sister upstairs to her room where she sat on the bed and waited for him to get undressed. Danny started to do that slowly, modestly. By the time his pants and underwear came off, he was having an erection. His sister gave his arousal an approving look and laid back on the bed, smiling.

Danny joined her.

“Geez, Carlie …” he said again, not really knowing what to say.

His sister was lying there with her legs apart and he could see her vaginal opening between the hairy folds.

“You don’t have to be nervous,” she assured him, seeing that he was. “You know that it’s very special for a girl to do it with her own brother,” she confided.

“If mom and dad ever found out …”

“They won’t,” she said confidently. “Not if we’re careful.”

Danny joined her on the bed, half climbing on top of her. She smiled at him and put her arms around his neck gave him a kiss on the lips.

“Mmm … sweet brother,” she said. And she kissed him again. Danny kissed her back. It was more affectionate than passionate, but he had never kissed his sister on the lips before.

She wriggled beneath him, getting him completely on top of her, his hips between her legs. She reached her hand down, working it between the to take a hold of his stiff penis, and she maneuvered it up to her vaginal opening. Danny pushed a little bit and felt the swollen head enter her wetness, doing so easily and smoothly. Then a pushed more and his penis went completely into her.

“Ohhhh …” she breathed, closing her eyes, putting her head back on the pillow.

Danny felt her soft, warm, wet vagina enveloping his penis. He could hardly below that he actually had his erection in his own sister. It was exciting to experience her like this.

Slowly and gently he started to fuck his erection in and out of her.

“Oh, yes …” she said. “that feels so good.”

“Oh, Carlie … it feels good being in you.”

“Just fuck me … fuck me … make me cum”

Danny started to be more energetically and forceful and he slid his boner in and out of her wet pussy, making her pant and moan.

“Ohhhhh …. Oh, Danny! Your dick feels so good! Keep fucking me!”

Again and again, Danny felt his reproductive go fully into his sister’s reproductive organ with a thrilling intimacy.

“Oh … Ohhhh … Ohhhhh … Ohhhh … Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

It was wild seeing his own sister being so sexual.

“Oh! Oh! I’m going to cum!” she exclaimed.

She gasped and choked. “AHHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Oh, geez! He as making his sister cum! He had his dick in her, and he was making her cum!

“Ahhhhh … Ohhhh … Ohhhhhhhh …” Carlie whimpered as she climaxed nakedly beneath him, enduring a particularly intense orgasm.

Danny felt the excited urgency growing in his boner as he plunged it into her again and again, feeling her vagina slickly caressing his stiff penis. In the next moment he was ejaculating. His hard penis throbbed and his semen was pulsing out.

“Uh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh!” He grunted with the spasms of his discharge.

It was so incredible to be giving his own sister his sperm like his, filling her vagina with his male liquid. In that moment the knowing between the two of them was so incredibly intimate. Something which only a brother and sister could experience and share.

When it was over a wave of pleasant exhaustion swept over both of them and they opened their eyes to look at one another, with a shared feeling of satisfaction over what they had just accomplished together.

“Oh, Danny … I think that we’re going to have to do this more than just once,” Carlie said.

“Yeah. I think so, too,” said Danny. It was just so wonderful making love to his sister.

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