My Step Brother Fucked me

by Anonymous

I just flew in from college to stay with my parents for the school break, i was staying with my dad, step mum and step brother.

I hadn’t seen them for almost 6 months and in that time my step bro changed a lot… he started working out and he was so fit.

I instantly knew i had a crush on him, and he knew too. the second week i was there my parents went on a weekend trip to the city and it was only my step bro and i home.

I was in the kitchen when he came in and grabbed my ass, i was shocked i just stared at him, he smiled and i couldn’t help but smile back.

He must have taken this as a sign because he started to kiss me while lifting up my dress. he slowly slid one finger into my virgin pussy and i started getting wet very fast.

I'd never had anything in my pussy before so the feeling of his big index finger sliding in and out while his middle finger rubbed on my cunt made me moan so loud he covered my mouth to shut me up.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked i didn’t want to admit it but i sighed “yes, but don’t stop” he laughed and turned me around then i felt his hard cock rub on my pussy.

I felt a pressure on my tight pussy, his dick, it wouldn’t fit. he tried shoving it in but nothing would work so he bent me over and thrusted with all his power and i screamed as his giant rick ripped my virgin pussy apart.

He started fucking me hard and wrapped one hand around my neck and the other playing with my ass.

He fucked me for about 10 minutes before i felt his finger go in my ass i tried to tell him to stop but he still had his hand across my mouth.

He started to finger fuck my asshole while fucking me and eventually put his giant throbbing dick in my little asshole.

At this point i was on the edge of my first orgasm and when he realised, he picked me up and held me against the wall and went to pound me until i squirted all over him.

He whispered on my ear “good girl, cum for daddy.”

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