It's Just Growing Up

by Anonymous (Cheshire, GB)

From The age of 10, I started becoming aware of my mothers, sisters, and aunts physical properties and differences and gradually became extremely intimate with the engineering of how a female was put together...intimate but not physically so.

I looked forward to seeing the way they were not in any way coy when not in male or mixed company and sat or sprawled carelessly allowing me to see their feminine parts on blatant display, and ignoring my presence when in intimate embrace with female friends, kissing and fondling each other and several time going upstairs together for some considerable time for reasons unknown to me.

This was more so with my older sister who was visited regularly by one or two of her girlfriends who repaired upstairs from where I would hear at odd time their shrill squeals and cries, which had me puzzled.

By the time I was 15 girls were largely on the scene with me, one or two of whom I often had some awkward fumbling sexual activity with but never full on penetrative sex, waking and frigging were ok but any more than that was a big No No as far as the girls were concerned.

I got a massive eye opener when I inadvertently caught my mum and my aunt Julia in flagellant delico in moms room on moms bed, totally naked, both so intent on each other that I saw, goggle eyed, my mum between aunt Julia's spread thighs and mum's face seemingly being held firmly on Julia's lady bits and it would seem very much to my aunts delight for she was heaving and flailing in response to what my mum was doing. I retreated for fear of being caught spying but I was told by sis that mum and aunt Julia like to do girl on girl stuff, the same as she did. This left me completely in the dark and feeling something of an outcast by not enjoying what mum sis and auntie did.

One thing was obvious and that was the absence of ant males apart from myself which I was old enough by now, aged 18, to put down to mum dumping my dad not long after I was born, seemingly for two timing her.

By now also I was getting the urge more and more to go balls out for some hard vigorous sex, I was tempted to try it on with sis who,s knickers I often sniffed and then graduating to my mums who smelled stronger but just as arousing, to the extent that my erections would get very painful bear a frantic wank relieved me from sexual frustration and an overburden of sunk which I discharged liberal and carelessly.

At 18 my mum was still as careless as ever but now more and more she failed to adjust to my adult maleness and didn't bother to sit sprawl or otherwise conceal her feminine charms when she failed to were a bra or knicker thus leaving her sumptuous tits to bobble seductively of else her hairy beaver would be of obscene times glistening wet, which had be throbbingly erect.

Catching her having a snooze after an evening meal once, I took a chance and very gently squeezed on of mums tits through her cotton top, I distinctly felt the nipple respond and stiffen, mum grunted and I turned away and sat down. A few minutes later she drew her knees up and her legs slowly parted to expose her hairy muffin. Her dress now fell back to her waist and there she lay like wanton whore inviting a my big hard stiff cock to invade and pinion her by stuffing myself inside her cock socket.

By now I was prepared to take the chance and go for it and fuck mum. I dropped my pants and kicked them away, the same with my underpants then got myself on the sofa between sleeping mums legs. Her cunt looked so inviting. I was trembling, I reached out my hand and gingerly traced it along her meaty labia. Mums breathing became rapid, I touched her inner delicate pink lips, the portal to paradise, I saw her swallow hard. I touched her wetness and my cock lurched.

I could smell her, I inhaled deeply, my swollen cock beat hard. I leaned down and lightly licked her oozing slit. She tasted wonderful, her juice was Ambrosia. Mum never stirred. I struck, placing the blunt head of my cock softly on her soft wet entrance I fed my cock slowly inside my mums body until my balls were resting on her arse cheeks.

Her eyes snapped open, when she saw me she tried to get from under me her voice ordering me to get of her and snarling that this was Rape and worse it was Incest, but I was to far gone to obey and I fucked her vigorously until, ignoring her panting protests, I came and ejaculated a stream of spunk into her hot velvet soft depths before collapsing on her, breathing hard drained, elated and wanting yet more of this obscenity to continue.

When I did get off her, my mum felt between her legs and the spunk leaking from her, moaning that I was a filthy depraved animal, that I had taken advantage of her, and that I had in truth just Raped her. But I just sat there between her parted legs, looked at the wet mess on the cushion beneath her and said amiably that it was certainly Not Rape, it more an Assault with a Friendly Weapon. A long silence reigned before mum smiled then grinned the laughed and said we should go upstairs to her bedroom, and so saying she fingered her sloppy cunt.

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