Mom's Tease

by Hena (NV)

It felt good to Jerry to be naked like that with his mom in the kitchen that morning. There was nothing like being naked with someone to communicate feelings of closeness.

Since his parents had separated just two months before, his mom and him had found it easy as well as delightful to enjoy being nakedly uninhibited with each other around the house.

“Oh, my!” his mom exclaimed with a smile, seeing the erection that he was having.

Jerry grinned just a bit modestly, still unaccustomed to being so revealing of his healthy sexual urges with his own mom. Although, at the same time, it was quite thrilling to let him mom see him having a boner.

“Come here …” Sara said as she leaned back against the counter.

Jerry stepped forward and he and his mom hugged and they did a slightly wet kiss on the mouth. She Gave him a happy and pleased look.

She wrinkled her nose. “Are you going to fuck me right here in the kitchen?” she teased.

Standing between her well round, smooth thighs, his penis was now so rigid that he had to push it down so that the swollen mushrooming end slid between the soft hairy folds between his moms legs. Then, easily, it went into her vaginal opening. With only a slight push of his hips, Jerry’s reproductive organ went all the away into his mom’s.

“Oh, honey … I like having your penis in me,” she said.

“I like having my penis in you, mom. I like fucking you.”

“I’m glad that you do. I like being fucked by my own son. That is so special for a mother.”

Jerry began to slide his penis in and out of his mom’s slick wet vagina, looking down and watching his male anatomy doing that to her female anatomy.

She slipped her hand down to tease and masturbate her clitoris while he did that to her.

“Oh … Ohhhh …” she moaned, squeezing her eyes shut with a look of intense pleasure on her face.

Jerry found it exciting to have his penis in the same vagina that had given birth to him, to feel her soft lubricated interior caressing his stiff length.

“OH! OH! OHHHHHHHHHH …” his mom gasped as she climaxed, doing so freely and unashamedly in front of him. In fact, it was exciting to let her son see her sexual needs being fulfilled.

Jerry felt the excitement surging through his stiff erection and he thrilled in the satisfaction of filling his mom’s birth canal with his wet sperm as it pulsed repeatedly out.

“Uhhhh …” Jerry grunted, keeping his rigid boner in deep and as far as it would go. “Uhhh … Uhhhh …”

“Oh, yes,” she said as she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Jerry smiled back.

His penis slipped from her vagina and immediately she felt the downward discharge of his liquid and grabbed for a convenient paper towel to mop it up with.

“It’s a good thing that ‘m on the pill, she said, in reference to the amount of semen he had just produced. She wrinkled her nose and teased, “Unless, that is, you want to get your mom pregnant.”

“Geez, mom!” Jerry said somewhat sheepishly and blushed a little.

Well,’ she responded being quite nonchalant about the issue, “some moms do get pregnant by their son. It can happen.”

“But … what would we do if that happened?” Jerry all but stammered.

“Have a baby together,” she answered simply, presenting herself as quite unbothered by the idea of having his baby. She gave him a playful little smile. “You never know … I might just forget to take my pill sometime, and then you would fertilize me and I’d get pregnant.”

Jerry blushed and grinned.

She grinned back.

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