Me and my Sister Taking Care of Each Other

by Anonymous

58 years old and I'm single. Far back as I can remember me and my sister always took care of each other and as we got older nothing changed just the best sex I've ever had.

When I was 18 I miss a woman who eventually became my wife on our third date we went to visiting my sister and the two of them hit it off right away. Told my sister that we were going to the crest Drive-In which was an adult driving.

She immediately got excited and wanted to go with us my girl said that would be fine with her she said it sounds like something we would be watching on big screen and we all laugh.

Well we got there movie started and I was sitting in the middle of the two ladies with a sheet covering all three of us my girl reached over and took my dick out of my sweatpants and was playing with my dick and suddenly I felt my sister's hands on my balls nobody said nothing we just sitting watching the movie as they were playing with my dick and my balls.

I could feel them putting their hands on top of each other so they were playing with my dick and balls together.

So I figured it was my turn so I put my hand between their legs and found that they both have pulled their sweatpants down already so I found my hand up against two wet pussies as I was working a finger in both of them, they were squeezing and grabbing my dick harder.

After a couple minutes my sister took my hand out from between her legs and got down on the floorboard and remove the sheet so my dick was out in the open and as she looked up at my girl who was still stroking my dick and she licked her lips and said she wanted to suck me.

My girl said that would be so hot see her do that so my sister went for it and put half of my dick down her throat all at once. My girl said this isn't the first time is it and I looked at her and said no it's not she's been doing this for years and she's pretty damn good at it and she said I can tell she really enjoys your dick.

And I said she's got a really sweet taste and pussy too can't wait to see you licking it. She said this is so damn hot we didn't even need to come to the movies we could have stayed at home and did this.

I said yeah but I like it when people walk by the car and look in and see what's happening if they only knew it was my sister sucking my dick that would make it even hotter let me tell you a little bit about me I have a nine and a half inch dick thick enough I can't even put my own hand around it.

My sister weighs probably 110 at the most small tiny little titties and the cutest little ass. And my girl friend about 120 small waist but big tits and she also had a cute ass. yes I am an ass man. If you like my story so far let me know and I will write part 2 and let you know how much fun we had.

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