My Grandmother

by Seth Dark (Belgium)

It’s quite a tale, I shorten it a bit, I’m hyper sexual live at home, I’m 18.

My mom caught me masturbating watching webcams. I love big tits, she did have a talk about it, when my grandmother came in.

She listened at what my mom said and supported me, saying to her daughter it’s a natural thing and that he loves big tits, and how it’s not a bad thing.

My mom just gave up and walked away, when me and my grandmother who is an awesome woman, normal built with a big set of tits just asked what kind of women i liked.

I explained i loved older women with big breasts. She was quite surprised and asked what the lady has to do, as i explained just sit there topless that’s it.

She nodded and from that day i locked the door, skip to four days later as my grandmother asked me to come to her home, she wanted to add stuff to her pc.

When i came there she had bought a webcam, i thought it was odd, but asking her why as he winked at me and said I’ll tell you later. I installed it and she asked about a chat program, she wanted to keep in touch as i downloaded discord.

I set it up and she told me she would contact me later via discord.

That evening my life changed, she contacted me at 11pm i was just finding a cam girl via chaturbate.

Reluctantly i talked to her as asking how my day went and such, she asked about the cam sites, i told her it costs money for a one on one, she replied with that i don’t need to spend any more money on that.

She then dropped the bomb telling me that she would help me cum, if i kept it between us, if i promised such she would when i want, I have to admit, i had butterflies in my belly excitement and i was extremely turned on. I agreed and she put the webcam on, she sat there topless as she typed what she had to do.

I just explained to her just sit there, she put her arms to her side as i stared at her amazing big tits and nipples.

It didn’t take me long before i came hard, i mean harder and more then i ever came, i thanked her and i went to shower after she stopped the call.

The next day’s every night i asked her for help, after the 3th day i went and got her a headset with mic. i told her i loved blackmail roleplay, I had to explain roleplay. She was a bit reluctant, but agreed to say dirty stuff, even though i could see that she didn’t like it, i used the please help me to make her do it.

Things like please don’t blackmail me, you are my grandson, or i don’t like doing this.

When i came i said yes and she replied with please don’t cum on my tits it’s disgusting, that makes me cum every time extremely hard.

She wore tank tops with no bra where i could see her big nipples pierce through, slowly taking it down as i jerked on her, after a few weeks she reluctantly started pushing back, saying not now or I’m not in the mood.

I could feel my free porn going down the drain, i then did something i should not have, but i couldn’t control myself.

I went to her home and she sat down, a bit shy, she never looked me in the face as she started to say we needed to stop, how it’s going too far, as i stopped her, telling her how i recorded our sessions, and what Mom would say about it.

She then looked me in the eyes, she was upset and angry as i stated she would one hour a day have to do whatever i say without saying No.

Or else ... she couldn’t backtrack anymore and pleaded to keep the cam going, i had other plans as i stated it again, she had to agree, so she did..... I’ll update in a second part.

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