Incestuous Marriage of Brother & Sister

by Anonymous

Hi! I am Ronnie aged 26yrs. I was living in a rented house in the city where I was working. This is a true story where I married my elder sister aged 34 years. My sister Rita was a widow who had no child.

One day Rita came to visit me. She was a beautiful woman with a figure of 38-26-36.

After dinner at 8pm,I showed Rita her bedroom. Rita changed her clothes and wore a net nightgown. The nightgown was very thin that her bra and thong panties were visible. She wore a red wired balconette bra and a matching red thong panties.

We both went to sleep. At around 11 pm I was awakened because someone was sleeping beside me. Rita was sleeping close to me. Her breasts were pressed against my back.

Rita caught hold of me and placed her lips on my lips and kissed me. Then she slipped her tongue inside my mouth and we both exchanged our saliva.

My sister Rita then got up and told me to remove all my clothes. I removed all my clothes and was only in my thongs.

Rita told me to in book her bra. I unhooked her bra and her boobs jumped out. Now both brother and sister were naked with only our genitals covered by little pieces of cloth. I caught Rita's noobs and pressed them till her nipples got aroused and hard.

Rita placed her nipples one by one inside my mouth and told me to suck them to arouse her to copulate with me. I sucked both her nipples and she started moaning and caught hold of my penis. This was a sign that she wanted me to fuck her. I removed my sister Rita's thong panties. Now both brother and sister were naked.

Rita's VULVA was hairless and smooth. This made her fucking field fertile. Rita played with my penis preparing it for copulation. She rubbed her clitoris with the head of my cock. My sister's cunt was wet and was releasing copious amounts of love juices to make the entrance of my penis inside her cunt smoothly and easily.

We both lovers (brother and sister were now ready to consummate our incestuous sexual mating. She placed my penis head on the opening of her vagina and told me to enter inside her. I gave a hard push while my sister pushed her pelvis upwards.

My whole penis was lodged inside my sister's vagina up to the hilt. Her cunt was tight and warm. We remained sexually tied and then started fucking. The feeling was awesome. We both came simultaneously and I ejaculated my semen deep inside my sister's vagina.

We had consummated our incestuous sexual mating. My sister became pregnant with my child. We married and she became my wife. Now we are husband and wife. We are expecting our first child in four months.

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