With All the Love and Lust I Had to Offer

by Chris (Sacramento, CA, USA)

I was 18 years old and had a secret crush since I hit puberty, that crush was on my own mother, she was a beautiful sexy 40 year old woman who left me wanting nothing more then she was, she had medium size breast a small waist and hips that matched her breast proportionally, I'd dreamed of seeing her naked for 4 years and the closest I'd gotten was the nights she forgot to close her bedroom door when she changed into her nightgown.

I'd seen her numerous times in her bra and panties and a few times with no bra, I thought she was perfect and lusted after so much more and I had some thoughts on how if it happened how it would go down, but on this particular instance it matched none of those, it was a Thursday and one of her days off, on school days I would try to stay home in the mornings with Hope's of seeing her in some state of undress, well this morning all my dreams came true.

I was up and sitting on the couch getting my school work in order, and she had just woken up and assumed I'd already left for school which was surprising because she usually had to chase me out, now I'd had some experience with girls but not a lot and I'd just been with a girl that had told me to stop messing around with her because I didn't know what I was doing, so while putting my stuff in my pack I was deep in thought about it.

Well my mom not knowing I was there came out of her room and walked into the living room pulling up her light blue almost see through panties and with no top or bra on, she was essentially naked and I had started to say good morning as she walked into the room, I got out part of the word good then saw her and was left speechless, she saw me and stopped speechless, she tried to play it off and said what you've never seen a woman in just panties before.

I stuttered and said no never a woman just young girls and they didn't look like you, she said no I suppose not they didn't have saggy boobs and big thighs, I said mom your boobs aren't saggy and you don't have big thighs and they weren't sexy like you, that all just flowed out of my mouth without thinking, she didn't try to run out of the room or even cover up, but she did say oh honey that's so sweet and kind of moved one way then the other a few times modeling her body for me, her breast were beautiful and big and didn't sag at all that I noticed and she looked to have short pubic hair that I could see.

I'd taken in her whole body in seconds but seemed like many minutes to me, she then asked why haven't you left for school yet still standing there in just her panties and arms down her sides, I said without thinking, hoping I would see you just how you are right now, she said oh really you stick around late every morning hoping to see me practically naked, yes I stuttered again, why she asked I'm your mother, I said because your beautiful and sexy even if you are my mom, that's the sweetest thing I've ever had said to me, she then said your just blurting out all the right things without thinking I'm thinking, what do you have on your mind this morning.

I hesitated and she said go on tell me were just showing parts of ourselves this morning what is it, so I told her, about the girl telling me I didn't know what I was doing, she said how far did you get before she told you to stop and said that I said I'd gotten my hand in her panties and touch her private area, she said how had you done before that the kissing and touching her breast, you had done that hadn't you, I said yes but I'd not really done much of that before so I don't think very good, she sat down beside me and took my hands in hers she said turn so your facing me.

I did and she said go ahead and stare at my parts you want to it ok and normal, so I stared at her breast then her pubic area and she watched me then said you really don't have any experience do you, no not really I said, she then took my breath away by saying well since I'm off work today and your dads at work all day today how about we have some sex education and get you up to par on what you need to know about a female body and how to go about getting from one base to another and what to do while your there, how are you on kissing.

I said again not much experience, she said as handsome as you are I expected you to have already done all this, she said first here feel my breasts and I'll tell you how a girl likes it, so she put my hands on her breast, move your hands all over them softly for a little while so I softly rubbed her breast to my joy, then she told me how to play with her nipples and I was just in paradise then she instructed me how to be a bit rougher on her whole breast then her nipple to, after a while she said do you have that all now, yes I think so I said drooling, now let's try something you haven't done for 14 or 15 years and that's sucking on the nipples and how and where to suck on the breast itself.

So beyond all the perfect things I'd just learned I got to kiss, lick and suck all over her breast and her nipple to she told me to make love to them and let me practice for a really long time, by the time she said ok that's good she was breathing really hard and said boy kiddo you've got me hot and horny, I almost choked when she said that, she said I feel like a teenager again this is kind of fun, she then stood up with my saliva all over her whole boobs, and she reached down and took my hand and told me to get up and come with her.

She said we need a more appropriate place for the rest of your lessons, I heard lessons so I hoped one was her pussy but didn't know what else, we went to her bedroom and she said it feels a little funny you've seen me basically naked but I haven't seen you so get your clothes off and be naked with me, so in seconds I was naked and embarrassed, she noticed and said you've never been naked with anyone have you I said no and stood there covering my erection, she said move your hands away from your hard on.

I did but slowly she said don't be embarrassed and she reach over and took my hard on in her hand and felt it all over then stroked me a few times, feels better when I do it then when you do it doesn't it, I stammered out yes lots better, she said I know so I'll stop so you don't cum all over the place, and she let go, you need staying power we will work on that in a little while, she then lay down on her bed, then said whatever we do today doesn't go beyond this room or beyond us understand.

We can have our special relationship but it's just between you and I nobody else, ok I understand I said not having a clue what our special relationship was going to consist of, but not caring because the word special was in there, she then taught me how to kiss without tongue then with tongue, then she taught me how to touch and play with her pussy then she instructed me how to lick and kiss her pussy then how to eat it.

She was soaking wet and moaning as I ate her pussy then she said stop that's enough you'll make me orgasm if you keep it up and I'm not ready for that yet, so I stopped and then she showed me what a girl does to a boys cock and after playing with me I was ready to cum but she stopped and just lightly played with me, then she leaned over and took me in her mouth I enjoyed the greatest blowjob ever but she stopped again before I could come then she laid back and spread her legs and told me to get on top of her.

When I did and she put me inside her I thought it's what heaven must be like, she had me thrust easy for a while then when she was panting and squirming around a bit she told me to do it anyway I wanted as long as it was hard and fast, so I went crazy doing it really hard and as fast as I could, then she suddenly screamed out oh yes god yes I'm cumming and she was moving around a lot and her pussy got really wet and I shot my cum way deep inside her.

We fucked softly after I came for a little bit then I rolled off her and she said that was your first lesson what did you think, I just smiled and said will I get more lessons she said now that I've got you able we will just have to get you better at all the different things you've learned today, I smiled and looked at her with a new found love and lots more lust it was the best day of my life and we were to have lots of practices.

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