The One: Part 2

by Anonymous

On Monday, I made my way into the house a few minutes before nine, Rhonda and Linda were already talking. We sat there talking and I mentioned to Linda I was going to have my mom stop by the next morning to see what I was doing. Rhonda didn’t say a word nor did she acknowledge my comment. It wasn’t until a few minutes later when Linda asked where does your mom work that I knew I needed to say her name somehow to hopefully trigger Rhonda’s memory.

It worked, when I mentioned the name Ann, Rhonda looked at me puzzled. A minute later Rhonda asked my mom’s maiden name, when I acknowledged she was correct, Rhonda jumped up and gave me a huge hug pulling me into her titties. Rhonda began talking about my mom and her fond memories. She said they were best friends and she missed her dearly. Rhonda still lived on the farm. Her father had died a number of years prior, but not before paying for Rhonda to have breast augmentation.

You have to admit, that is a great dad. Not as though her tits were not big enough, he wanted to make sure they remained perky. YES, there was an inappropriate relationship between them for years, which is why Rhonda didn’t date and never got married. Her brothers ran the farm and Rhonda lived in the big house and was paid to just look good. I suspect the brothers all take turns on their sister, but Rhonda didn’t admit that to my mom, just her father.

Rhonda talked and talked fondly of my mom. I had to head back to work and went out to the garage. Rhonda who hadn’t stepped out there before, stopped in and said she wanted to see what I was doing around the house just in case she needed some work done at her place. Rhonda told a few stories about my mom and said, “tell your mom I said hi and I look very forward to seeing her tomorrow then she gave me a sweet little kiss on the cheek and a huge hug as she stepped back smiling at me. I couldn’t wait to see mom. I called and asked her to come over after work.

Mom showed up all giddy like a school girl. I began telling her the story of what happened and that Rhonda gave me a big hug and told me to tell you that she really looks forward to seeing her. Mom sat there with a blank look on her face, I figured she would be very happy. When I asked, she said she was so excited, she can’t even comprehend anything right now. After a few minutes of it soaking in, mom said she was going to look her very best and was so excited.

As we continued talking, I jokingly asked what mom would do if Rhonda dropped her pants and panties and spread her legs while sitting back in her chair. Mom said, “I would drop to my knees and give her the best orgasm anyone has ever given her.” I laughed and asked if I could watch. Mom replied, “if you don’t mind watching your mom eat pussy, be my guest and stay.” She was so excited as she left.

The next morning I had to stay busy as I was watching every second that passed on the clock. It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t imagine what mom was like. It was almost nine and I opened the door, my hands visibly shaking. When I got into the kitchen, it was just Linda. I asked for water because I didn’t need my nerves anymore messed up. We sat there until 9:05 wondering where they were. I knew something had to be wrong as mom would have been here by now.

About that time we heard the back door open and two women giggling and laughing. The first one I saw was Rhonda. Holy fucking shit! - she was wearing a low cut top and the top portion of both of her nipples were exposed. Her nipples were about to burst out of the material. It was pornographic what she looked like. Rhonda gave me a hug then I saw mom. She looked at me like, WOW!!! The four of us sat down as Rhonda began talking very fondly of my mom and how she became her best friend through school. Mom teared up and they stood up and hugged. It was back and forth talking about the old days and so on.

Rhonda had to repeatedly tug her top up because her nipples kept being exposed. I was in shock and really wondered what Linda thought about this. After an hour, I had to leave and get back to work. A half hour later, mom came out to the garage and gave me a huge hug.

Quickly she said, “please talk to Rhonda and try to set us up or get her to come over to my house or anything, please.”

I smiled and said, “hmm... I will try, but if fulfill your fantasy, I want to see Rhonda fully nude.”

Excited, mom said, “you can see her hopefully with my face between her legs.”

“If I see you both nude and you eating her pussy, I don’t know if I will be able to hold back from jumping in.” I replied.

“Please jump in.” Mom retorted.

“So, what happens if my cock accidentally slips in the wrong hole?” I smiled and grinned.

With a puzzled look, mom asked, “wrong hole?” I was nervous when I clarified, “you know, maybe slipped into the wrong person’s hole.” “Like, in the ass?” Mom asked.

I was so embarrassed and she knew it, but she was oblivious to what I wanted.

“Umm, what if my cock slipped into the wrong person...”

“ohhhhh, I see, hmmm... let me say this, if you get Rhonda to fulfill my fantasy, you are welcome to stick your dick into any hole that you want.... wait, let me clarify, you can put your dick anywhere you want, in regards to me.” Mom said while she smiled and continued, “before you ask, you can do anything you want if Rhonda meets my wishes and desires.”

I was so excited that she was willing, I would do anything to make this happen not just for her, but for me too. Luckily, once mom left, Rhonda walked in to talk with me. She discussed how glad she was to reconnect with my mom and how good friends they were and so on. I listened intently trying to figure a way to get them together. The issue was my dad would be at home too. I needed to get them alone, but not awkwardly alone, my hope was to talk with Linda. The remainder of the day was me trying to feel out Linda for ideas.

She sensed the connection and by observing Rhonda’s attire, she knew there might be a little more to the friendship. Linda offered to go visit a family member in a few days. Rhonda and my mom could still meet at her house. She suggested I take the day off or part of the day, but there was no way I was missing it. Linda called both Rhonda and mom and offered her house as she said the two seemed to want to catch up and she would be gone. Both accepted.

I was at home waiting for mom. She came in, jumped on me and began kissing me. We rolled around on the floor kissing as she asked if I wanted to have sex right there. We got up and went into my bedroom. Mom stripped down immediately and laid back on the bed spreading her legs and rubbing her clit. I ripped off my clothes, stroked it a few times and was about to jump on when she stopped and asked if I had a condom. “Aren’t you on birth control?” I asked. “No, we rarely have sex and I didn’t see a need for a few times a year.”

Mom said as she shocked me with the information. “Can’t I just pull out?” I begged. “No, I will tell you what, I will go buy a box of condoms and I don’t want you to stop until the entire box is emptied.” Mom smiled as she got up, gave me a hug, kissed my cock and got dressed. She begged me not to jack off and save it for her.

The next day at work, Rhonda came out to the garage before coffee to say they were meeting and she was so happy. I told her that my mom stopped by last night as she was so happy. Then I said, “I think mom had a crush on you back in the day.” Rhonda’s eyes gleamed as she smiled really big and said, “I know it is your mom, but I wanted to pin her against the wall and have my way with her.” When I informed her the feeling was mutual, I told her I would be working, but if they needed a hand, I would be there. She smiled and just said, “I like the way you think and probably will need assistance.”

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