A Little Mom And Son Affair

by Kena (NY)

“Why don’t you and dad just get divorced?” Ron asked his mother.

The two of them were in the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, getting naked together, preparing to make love.

“I mean …” Ron pointed out, “Neither of you are happy, and dad’s always having affairs.”

“I know,” his mom admitted, as she undid her bra, freeing her bare breasts, and liking how that felt, feeling her nipples push outward. Her son was taking off his underwear, revealing the stiff erection that he had. She always liked seeing that.

She slipped her panties down and off, and they stretched out naked on the bed together, in each other’s arms and kissed lightly. They smiled at one another, enjoying their naked intimacy, which was so special to take pleasure in as mother and son.

Ron had discovered that he always had the biggest, stiffest erections with his mom, and he loved experiencing that with her. He didn’t feel the least guilty about the two of them fucking. His father treated his mom badly and he had never gotten along with him. While Amy had no desire to have any sexual liaisons with other men, simply because her husband was with other women, she had found it a secret pleasure and passion to be sexual with her son.

She rubbed her tits against his chest and he worked a hand down between them to guide his stiff male organ into the wet opening of her vagina.

“Ohhh …” she moaned as she felt his stiffness push deep into her.

Ron moaned a little too over finding himself once more entering his mom’s sexual depths.

It never failed to be thrilling for both of them to be sexual as mother and son, and although this was something seldom talked about, it remained hardly uncommon for mothers and sons to be sexual with one another. In a way, even that this was something expected, fulfilling a natural bond.

Ron started sliding his hard penis in out with a purposeful desire to feel his mom’s soft, wet female organ wetly and smoothly caressing him.

Amy felt her clitoris stiffen marvelously with both the stimulation she was receiving and the thrill of having her son in her.

“Ohhh … it feels so good to have you fuck me,” she breathed.

Ron smiled. He loved to hear his mom talk like this, to see and feel her responding sexually.

He knew that when he had come over that morning that his father would be at work, so that he and his mom would fee to be so indulgent. In a way, not that it mattered if his father would walk in right then, and see him and his mom naked together, with him lying on top of her, between her legs, with his penis in her vagina.

It would only serve him right if he discovered that his own son was taking care of his mom’s physical and emotional needs. He doubted if his mom would have cared, either. Not really. She could just her husband see for himself that she could be as sexually cavalier as he was.

Ron continued to raise and lower his hips, driving his boner in and out of his mom, feeling his urgency growing. Yet, he was able to control it until he suddenly felt his mother climaxing beneath him.

“OHHH!!! OHHH!!!” she gasped and choked, holding him tight as her clitoris underwent intense spasms of pleasure. It always thrilled her when she could be fucked to an orgasm, and lay there while that happened and have a stiff penis filling her vaginal depths. It made her vaginal muscles tighten and re-tighten, and she could feel her butt hole quiver and do the same.

As her orgasm was easing, Ron quickly continued to fuck his penis into his mother and started ejaculating.

“UHHH!!! UHHH!!!” he grunted as his cock throbbed inside of her, doing with an incredible sense of satisfaction that any boy would feel giving his own mom his sperm.

Then they both laid there recovering, savoring how gratifying it felt to once more have achieved the culmination of their sexual intimacy.

Ron’s penis softened and slipped wetly from his mother’s vagina and he rolled off her.

Just lying there nakedly together like they were was sensuously pleasurable.

“I think that I am going to divorce your father,” she confessed with something of a sigh, coming to this decision.

Ron was pleased to finally hear this.

“Just think … we wouldn’t have to worry about being together,” he pointed out as an added incentive.

“No. We would be free to fuck whenever we wanted,” she agreed. Then, concerned she said, “Of course, I don’t know if you would want to keep doing that with your mom. You might feel differently.”

Ron smiled. “Not hardly,” he assured. A little hesitantly he added, “I was even thinking that maybe we could live together.”

“I suppose you could move back home,” she said, contemplating such an arrangement, and thinking how convenient that would be. Then, taking this thought a step further she laughed and said, “Or we could move away to someplace where nobody knows us, and we could just live openly together.” She wrinkled her nose. “That would daring.”

“Yeah,” Ron agreed. “But it would fun. It would be great not having to be all discrete and pretend.”

“Mmm,” she murmured contentedly and snuggled up next to him, pressing her nakedness to his. “Where would we live?”

“I don’t. Maybe somewhere by the ocean?”

“Oh. That would be nice. I think that I would like that. Very romantic.”

“Um … speaking of romantic …” Ron mentioned and he grinned as he felt himself starting to get another erection in the way that he could so easily with his mom.

She grinned back.

“Now that is romantic,” she said as he climbed back on top of her, and she felt her son’s erect penis entering her vagina.

Having her needs so thoroughly satisfied, she was happy to lay there and let him exclusively take care of his needs. In less than two minutes he was quickly ejaculating in her again and passionately she welcomed his surges of male liquid, wantonly desiring his sperm.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Give it to me!” she gasped.

Oh! I’m giving it to you, mom!” Ron panted back with each throbbing release of his penis.

When it was over they could only lay there in each other’s arms until finally her son’s softening penis slipped out again. Amy felt the flood of semen spilling from her.

“Oh!” she laughed. “I think that you really overfilled me!” She could feel his liquid dribbling down over her butt hole, further teasing her.

“Is that going to get you pregnant?” he teased.

“Well, you never know!” she teased back.

Of course they had no plans to make such an occurrence happen, although it remained that there was a natural appeal as well as temptation for a mother and son to actually accomplish something so intimate as that together. And of course, lots of mothers were impregnated by their own sons, and quite joyfully.

“I could get off of the pill,” she said without regard to consequence except for what the results would enticingly be.

Ron responded with something of sheepish grin. “Maybe you had better wait until you’re divorced from dad,” he recommended.

“Well … not necessarily. “We could always blame him.”

They both could only laugh.

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