Daddy's Baby Makers

by Jayline (NV)

Daddy and I started fucking when I turned 18. It was the best feeling in my life, yes the first time we fucked it hurt like hell because I lost my cherry that day, but after that it was wonderful. Now mom (the bitch) was constantly at work at the church being the pastors secretary.

So even if she found out that daddy and I were fucking she wouldn't have anything to say about it. Now that first night daddy and I fucked was my birthday and my period had just ended 2 weeks ago so I was ripe to receive my daddy's cum right into my womb to find the awaiting egg.

It found that egg after 4 fuckings that night, or maybe the numerous fucks the days after. As I said mom was busy working with the pastor or should I say working on the the pastor.

Well anyways daddy's birthday was 5 days after mine and I asked daddy what he would like for his birthday, he said he would like Stephanie and Sarah Banks, the pastors twin daughters who were also 18, we had grown up together and what better way to show mom up then to fucked his daughters and get them pregnant.

I thought this would be a great idea too so I called Stephanie and Sarah and invited them over to our house for daddy's birthday saying I wanted to give daddy a good present for his birthday. When I told them what it was they were happy to help me get it for him. Come to find out they had finished their periods too.

The evening of daddy's birthday I had my slumber party which was more of Fuckfest daddy pounded away at 3 pussys and his cream shot into all 3 of us, finding eggs. A month later all 3 of came to daddy and told him we were having babies.

Mom even went to daddy and said she was pregnant and he was going to be a daddy again. To which daddy told her that she was correct but the bastard child she was carrying was not his, and that me his daughter, and Stephanie and Banks were carrying his babies.

Mom started to loose it when daddy continued saying the father of your child is that piece of shit pastor go to him and see what he says. Mom started crying run out of the house and to pastor Banks. He denied it.

All 3 of us had our babies, all boys. I gave birth to John Marcus Philmore Jr. Stephanie had John Philip Philmore, and Sarah she gave birth to John Francis Philmore. That was a year in half ago and we are all pregnant again by daddy, along with 2 of girls we use to babysit for us from time to time.

Oh and the blood test came back proving the bastard child of mom's was the pastors. The pastor lost his possession at the church, he wants nothing to do with mom or her child, his wife left him and came to live with daddy and his Harem girls, and is also pregnant with his child also.

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