Morning Shower

by Sara horny mom (MO)

Sara looked from her bed as Jason showered watching him deep in thought about the fucking he had just given her.

Like always it was magnificent.

Sara loved waking her lover up as the sun peaked through the winding making love to him.

But, as she laid there watching her lover lathers his sexy body her fuzzy pussy started to ache again in need.

He had just blown her mind with two very amazing orgasms. But, she was quite satisfied yet.

Hoping out of bed. Sara padded barefoot across the room and into the bathroom. Sliding the door open she smiled at Jason.

"How about some company?" She smiled sexily as she stepped into the shower reaching for Jason revived prick. Slowly stroking him.

Sara leaned in and kissed her lover with a naughty smile enjoying the feeling of his hard prick in her hand.

"You are a dirty girl." Jason chuckled enjoying the feeling of Sara so close to him.

"You make me this way." Sara laughed kissing him again.

"Good." Jason chuckled looking Sara in her sexy green eyes.

"I think I need some more of this monster." Sara giggled as she turned around and wiggled her shapely 34" ass at Jason.

"It's like that?" Jason laughed.

"Just like that!" The sexy blonde giggled shaking her ass even more as she pushed back into her lover's rigid prick.

Spreading Sara's sexy ass cheeks. Jason lines his hard dick up Sarah's puckered starfish and gently started to push.

"Mmmm, Jesus!" Sara moaned as Jason's big dick head popped past the robbery ring of her asshole.

Slowly and methodically Jason worked his prick in and out of Sara's asshole until the entire length of his shaft was buried inside of her.

"God fucking yes." Sara moaned in passion as her asshole relaxed around Jason's shaft.

Not hard. But, with just the right amount of force and easy pace, Jason fucked his lover enjoying the passion of her slim, elegant body.

"That's it! Fu-ck me just like that!" Sara whimpered in ecstasy as Jason leaned in and kissed the back of her neck and caressed her firm 32C tits.

"I need you baby. Please. I need you!" Sara almost cried after about ten minutes of Jason being inside her.

"You want me?" Jason chuckled.

"God yes. Pleaseeee!" Sara begged in lust.

Holding Sara tight around the waist Jason pushed into her harder. But, not overly fast. He was still enjoying the feeling of her rubbery ring wrapped around his veiny prick.

"Please, Jason. I'm cumming! Please!" Sara begged for his molten got love, honey.

"God, you are so fucking sexy when you're horny," Jason whispered in Sara's ear.

"Do me, baby. Please. I need it." Sara begged with a needful passion that only two lovers can expel.

Forcefully Jason pushed his entire length into Sara's rectum, going deep into her guts, and exploded.

"Fuckkkkkk!" Jason moaned as his dick pulsed and twitch stretching Sara's asshole open.

"Yesss. God yes. Don't stop. Please give it all to me. Please don't stop!" Sara cried as another orgasm ripped through her thin shapely body and her juices flowed freely from her love mound.

Breathing hard Sara looked at Jason with a satisfied smile with her back against the shower wall as the water cascaded down her lover's body.

"You are fucking amazing." Sara smiled big.

"How about we call in today and do that all day." Jason smiled kissing Sara.

"I like that plan." Sara smiled.

"I love you, mom." Jason smiled giving Sara another kiss.

"I love you too sweety." Sara smiled reaching for her son cock.

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