My Wife and Her Dad

by Anonymous

Amazingly, my wife's dad, who we had nude sun bathed within his garden, after we tragically lost mom through cancer, had the most incredible erection, when he saw my wife, his daughter's, fully shaven cunt.

My cock is about seven inches fully erect, but her dad's cock was even bigger, and my wife looked at me with a cheeky smile, and straight away, I could tell that she wanted it in her cunt, even though he was so much older.

When her dad saw us looking at his full erection, he smiled at both of us, and realised, that his daughter, wanted it in her cunt straight away, and I just smiled and nodded, as if to give my approval.

My wife couldn't help but quickly holding it, and with him cut, his purple head was incredibly mushroom shaped, with an amazing highly bold ridge as well.

I'm not kidding, she dived on it orally, and couldn't help deep throating him, and with me fingering her cunt, she very, very quickly was wet, and I couldn't wait to see that cock fucking her on the grass.

Which happened so quickly as well, with her firstly on her back, then pounding really hard, doggy style, and emptying his balls in her.

They had put so much energy into it, they collapsed exhausted beside me, and her dad saw me giving her, such a deep French kiss, as her reward, as I shook his hand in thanks.

With her completely unprotected, it was fabulous, to not use any protection at all, with a possible chance of him being lucky, and knocking her up.

Even with him moving in with us, and fucking her whenever they wanted, he had no luck, which was a pity, as it would have been so nice, cuddling his baby, in her swelling belly.

He even paid for a nudist holiday at Cap D'Agde in Southern France, for the three of us, and only booked one room with a large bed, so we could sleep/fuck in a 3-some every night, and parade about all week, without a stitch on, like so many do there so proudly.

But it was in the morning's, at the coffee shop's, as we chatted to other's, and saw their reaction.

With her dad's cum running out of her cunt in public, which we whispered to them it was, and they smiled wonderfully, as they looked at her dad beaming proudly.

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