Blindfolded Daughter

by Winter (Italy)

My name is David Ross and I'm 42 years old with an 18 year old daughter. I'm divorced men. My ex left me for her boss so it's been me and my daughter.

It's been five years since my wife left me. It’s always been five years since I've had sex.

Today was a strangest day. I was supposed to be gone for business trip for a day but it got canceled on my way there. It was 8:00 at night and I went home.

I opened the door and hard loud music playing and I thought maybe my daughter was having a party but then I remembered there was no car outside.

I opened my daughter room door and gasp at the sight. I've never seen my daughter in a sexual way but when I saw her tied up and blindfolded it turned me on.

"Jackson is that you? Did you finally come back?" My daughter asked thinking I'm her boyfriend.

"See I knew you wouldn't leave me. Now untie me and I'll let you fuck me hard." She says as she sticks her butt out.

I hesitated to walk closer to her. Something in me snapped. I was so horny I wasn't even thinking straight.

I licked her pussy up and down. Her moan turns me on even harder. "Oh baby that's new." She says as I finger fuck her ass.

I removed my tongue and finger and unzipped my pants. I thrust into her so hard causing her to scream in pain.

I went deeper inside her and let out a moan hoping she wouldn't notice. "Harder! Fuck me harderrrrrrr!" She cries out.

The door slightly opened and I turned my head still fucking her ad I see Jackson coming in with begs in his hand. He stared at me with wide eyes causing me to smirk.

I fucked her harder and harder and I cum inside of her. She started to squirt all over me and I finally pulled out.

I smack her ass and took off her handcuffs and blindfold. She stares at me with wide eyes as she tries to cover up. "Daddy what the fuck?" She says screaming.

Her boyfriend walks closer to us and smiles. "That was hot." He says.

"You were in on this?" My daughter asked and he shook his head no.

My daughter touched her pussy and she moans loud. She turns off the radio and smirk. "Round two? But with two cocks in me?" She asked.

And just like that we started a happy relationship. And made life so much fun. I would never forget this day.

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