Leon and His Mom

by Verna (WA)

“Mom!” Leon said with surprise, smiling over the fact that his mom was naked.

Darla smiled back somewhat modestly over being caught that way. She was talking on her cell phone when her son had come in.

Leon was unaccustomed to seeing his mom naked like that, and he regarded her with amused grin. Her ebony physique was full bodied, with large breasts that sloped down, adorned by two broad darker brown nipples stretching over their round ends, and there was an ample amount of bristly dark pubic hair filling in at the top of her rounded thighs.

She continued her call in an unassuming manner, giving her son something of a slightly chiding smirking for standing there enjoying taking in her head to toe nakedness.

She finished her call. “I wasn’t expecting you to stop by,” she said.

“I could tell,” Leon teased.

“Well, lots of times I don’t wear clothes around the house,” she revealed with an uninhibited immodesty.

Leon smiled. “It’s fine with me.”

She smirked playfully, enjoying the freedom of her unintended exhibition and finding that pleasingly titillating. She wrinkled her nose and laughed. “Since you caught me bare-assed, are you going to service you mama while you’re here?” she quipped.

Leon laughed too over his mom’s flagrant jibe. “Well, it’s not often I get to catch my mom bare-assed,” he said back.

“Well, then maybe this is your chance to take care of your mama’s needs.” She stood there and wiggled her full breasts in a taunting fashion.

Loan remained all grins. “Then maybe I had better,” he said.

Leon started to take off is clothes right there in the living room as his mom watched. When he was naked, he was presenting her with a large stiff boner. It was exciting having that with his own mom, as his ten inches of ebony male length thrust rigidly up with a straining and unconcealed excitement.

“Ooo,” Daral exclaimed, observing her son’s pronounced and sizeable organ. “You’ve been keep’n that from your mama?”

“Keep’n it hard and ready for you,” he teased.

He stepped forward and they enjoyed a naked embrace, finding it pleasing as mother and son to share that sort of naked intimacy. Her large full breasts pressed up against his lean, muscular torso. They kissed, their lips coming briefly and fully together. Leon squeezed and felt his mom’s bare tits, feeling the thick central points of her nipples push out in response. He then leaned over to mouth each one. As he did so, he felt his mom’s hand taking a hold of his erect penis to feel its masculine stiffness, doing so with both a woman’s and mother’s delight.

“Oh, that’s so nice and stiff,” she appraised.

“My dick’s stiff for you, mom.”

“Are you going to stick your dick in me?” she questioned expectantly.

Darla turned and climbed onto the sofa, getting on her knees and leaning over the back, presenting him with her well rounded ass.

Leon smiled and got up behind her. Taking a hold of his boner, he guided it into place and pushed it into his mom’s willing vagina.

“Uhhhhh …” Darla moaned as she felt her son’s maleness entered her fully.

“Umm … that feels so good, mom,” Leon told his mother, as her soft, wet reproductive organ enveloped his. He started to slide his ten inch ebony length in and out.

“Oh, fuck me … fuck your mother,” she breathed.

“I’m fucking you, mom.”

“Oh! Oh! It feels so good to have my son fucking me!” she gasped as he brought his hands around to squeeze her large bare tits while he thrust his boner into her again and again.

Darla loved having her vagina being used like this as she felt her son’s hard penis spearing into her. She let her hand find the fat swollen bulge of her clitoris which was now fully erect and begging for attention. Her fingers showed no restraint in stimulating her female pleasure organ.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” she moaned. She was being fucked and she needed to cum so badly.

Leon enjoyed the pleasure of fucking his hard dick in his mom’s vagina. It was thrilling to e doing that in the same vagina which had brought him into the world. The same vagina that his father had fucked to get him. It was a privilege for a boy to be able to do that with his own mom.

He continued to smoothly slide his boner in and out of her thoroughly wet and lubricated hole and it was so satisfying to be male like this with his mom.

Darla’s efforts quickly brought her to an orgasm.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” she gasped as she climaxed wildly out of control. Her orgasms had always been so intense, and this one exceptionally so as she was unbelievably stimulated and aroused by doing it with her son. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Leon loved his mom climaxing like that, seeing her naked brown body shaking with sexual excitement.

“Yeah, mom … yeah …” he said, giving her his boner with lustful penetration after lustful penetration.

Then Leon took his boner all the way in his mom. His semen shooting up his stiff sexual length to spurt from the swollen head in gushing pulses to fill his mom’s vagina with his liquid.

“Uhhhhh … Uhhhhhh …” he grunted with the satisfaction of fucking his sperm into his mom as he felt his boner delivering it with a naked lack on constraint. “Uhhhh … Uhhhhhh …”

“Oh!” Darla gasped as she felt her son ejaculating in her. It was so thrilling as well as gratifying to have her son’s penis doing that in her. ”Oh … yes … cum in me! Cum in me!”

“I am, mom …” Leon gasped back. “My dick’s cuming in you!”

In the next moment their sexual urges were mutually satisfied and they could only catch their breath.

Leon finally pulled his still thick and long but no longer stiffly erect penis from his mom’s vagina.

Darla tuned and they hugged and held each other with a shared passion, savoring their naked mother and son closeness.

“That was so wonderful doing it with my own son,” Darla said.

“It was wonderful doing it with my own mom,” Leon said pridefully.

They smiled at one another with a tiny bit of modesty. Their fucking like that had been so unexpected and spontaneous. Yet to be engaging in the intimacy of the reproductive act together as mother and son was such an emotionally satisfying and fulfilling experience.

Although this was something seldom talked about or admitted to, mother and son sexual relations was much more common that most people knew. Throughout history mothers had invited sons into their beds to share the physical closeness of their natural bond, and it was considered a boy’s duty to sexually take the place of an absent father. Now, in modern times, as women were far more liberated, it was a pleasure to enjoy and experience.

Darla savored how exceptional it was to be sexual with her own son, as Leon felt the same about having his penis in his own mom’s vagina. Already they both knew that this would not be a solitary experience, but one that they would now shared in again and again. They each smiled over this.

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