The Last Dance

by Annon (West Cheshire, England)

Some time ago when I was just 18, our neighborhood had a well used community hall, it had a terrific bar, pool room, tv room, and reasonably sized dance floor. A number of us actually took up ballroom dancing, more out of boredom than anything else and we learned to be fairly capable which came in handy at the monthly dance nights.

It was at one particular night that I managed to get stuck partnering the Council Chairmans missus, Emily. She was a really good hoofer it must be said and I think she took a shine to me as the partner of her choice. I was fine with that and even my mum commented that we looked good on the floor, a compliment indeed from mum as she detested Emily for her holier than thou postures.

Anyway, this night I’m on about, we had had about six dances and at the last dance of the evening I asked Emily if we could take the floor and so off we went. After a few rounds I fancied Emily was holding me tighter than normal, and her mouth was quite near my ear and at one point she whispered that this dance was usually the smooch one where partners made plans for a little extra Bing Bong later.

I was taken aback momentarily but in spite of that I started getting terrific hard on and I knew Emily could not avoid feeling it. I was fighting not to erupt in my boxers by the end of the dance and was glad when we left the floor, even mum snarled, "Slut, watch out for that one, son, she’s a man eater."

Back home mum brewed coffee and I went to hang my overcoat up, clearing my pockets as normal, I got a shock when out of my inside pocket I pulled out a pair of neatly folded but damp skimpy knickers and post which read "I felt it, it made me wet, its big, I want it. E, xxxx."

Emily must have got at my coat when she used the Ladies near the cloakroom and planted her undies and the note while we were all milling around saying our good nights. I stood there dumfounded staring at the noted and fingering the faintly damp fabric in my fingers. Mum had go up to the bathroom and I didn't hear her coming downstairs in her bare feet and also unaware she saw the hot and the skimpy article in my fingers.......

“The dirty fucking slag, did you get a stiffy cavorting with that fucking whore?, JESUS" the cheek of that cock sucking rancid old leathery bitch, My Son, she wants My Son and his Big Dick..I don’t believe the cheek of the skanky slag, she'd let a colony of Lepers shag her...."

Mum ranted on for a bit, I'd never heard her carry on like this before not even when she caught Dad in the act with his bosses missus. She stopped and the two of us stood there at the foot of the stairs.

"You wouldn't have done anything with Emily would you, son?"

"Dunno mum, I mean she got me thinking about it."

"You mean that dancing with her got you hard, what did she do to you for God’s sake, did she offer you something special?"

“No mum, honestly, it’s just that she was...I mean we were holding each other tighter than normal and I ....well...I just felt extremely horny and..."

“Show me...just show me what that dirty slag was doing to you."

Awkwardly I held mum and together we danced while I hummed a waltz tune and after a few turns, to my horror I started getting a hardon. Of course my mum felt it pushed me way blushing furiously and leaving me standing there like an idiot and tenting my trousers’ with a real throbber. Mum ran upstairs and I heard her slam her bedroom door and I waited for a while until my dick relaxed and softened.

After about half an hour I went upstairs, used the bathroom and then went to my room. Before I could switch the light on a voice said in the darkness...

“Emily is right! I felt it, it’s big. I want it, I’m very wet."

“MUM!! Fuck! wha....whats....why are you......I'm not sure......."

"Not sure? I am. Before I'll let that scrawny hag get her hands on you and get your cock in her sloppy hole. I'm going to have you, my Lord! I haven't seen you fully naked since you were 13 years old."

As she was speaking mum had put an arm around my neck and her free hand was fumbling at my trousers, getting them loosened and pushing them down and leaving me in my shirt and shorts.

I felt her hand lightly grasp my crotch and gently fondle me, then she said lightly,

“I’ll be in bed in my room, if you want to join me, you'd be more than welcome.....a lot more then welcome.

She was right, her welcome was eager, feverish, wet, savage almost and uncomplicated as we fucked uncontrollably, uncaringly, grunting, panting, kissing, mauling, grinding and humping and wringing a raging orgasm from me with a strong pumping of spunk deep inside her which she received with a strangulated scream and her pulling a pillow over her face to muffle her noisy climax.

Next day we decided to work out our very own dance routine, we would only use it home when we could be alone together.......and we would dance, naked.

End of Part 1

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