My Daughter My Lover

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

On my oldest daughter's 18th birthday she asks me to take her out partying with friends.

I took her to a bar about 50 miles from home.

I ask her mom if she wanted to come but she said no to take our daughter and give her a good time so she would enjoy her birthday turning 18.

Drinking age was 18 in Louisiana back then.

I took her to a bar 50 miles from home because I figured we would not know anyone there.

We had a couple drinks then we danced and a couple guys asked her to dance to and that seem to excite her very much.

The more she danced seem the more closer she gets and I was starting to get an erection dancing so close. Before we knew it time was close to midnight and we where both kind of over the limit on drinking to drive home.

My daughter called the wife to come get us but her car would not start. The wife suggested we take a cab to the motel down the road.

We stayed until closing at 2am then got a cab to motel. Rented room for the night and when we got in room only one bed so we had to sleep together.

Daughter took shower then came out in her bra and panties for bed.

I told her don't think that is good idea to get in bed with so little on she said she not worried I was her dad. I told her even dad's have breaking points when full of booze and in bed with hot half nude woman might not matter if she is his daughter.

Her comment was OH WELL whatever. I went and took a shower that kind of sobered me up some.

I went to bed and noticed her bra on the bed stand. I was wearing my pants and I got in bed and she said dad you don't have to wear your pants to bed you can sleep in your underwear like me. I told her I don't wear underwear I go commando. She said OH WELL then stay on your side of bed when you take your pants off.

The lamp on side of bed was still on she had her back to me so I took off my pants and raised cover high enough to see her HOT BODY and before I was in bed my cock was hard and throbbing.

I ask her if she had a good time and she said yes everything was great and only thing that would have been better was if she would have had sex on her 18th birthday so I told her it was still early yet.

She giggled and said OH right dad and since we in bed together you going to have sex with me? I told her I was willing and ready if she was.

She giggled again and said I have to think about that then she backed her hot ass against my cock and I reached over her side and started playing with her little tits then put other hand between her legs and rubbed her clit she was moaning and squirming then she laid on her back spread her legs and I put my head between her legs licking her slit and clit until she had two orgasms.

I then moved up between her legs rubbed my cock head with leaking precum between lips of her soaking wet little tight pussy and I took my daughter's virginity on her 18th birthday.

She is 52 now and we still celebrate her birthdays every year and a whole lot of times between birthdays.

Hard to say if she is my daughter or lover or if I am her dad or her lover.


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