Auntie Liza

by Anon (Canada)

Liza is a distant auntie by relationship now visiting us on a weekend. She is a bit chubby for her age in late 30s with broad ass cheeks and 36C boobs, still firm with perky nips that one can see through her dress when she is braless.

At my age (26yo) I couldn’t keep my mind off her. I would always try to sneak her changing bra and panties or she gets in or out of the shower. In any opportunity I would steal a pair of her dirty thongs to blow my load in.

I think she knew that I was sexually attracted to her as she was always teasing me when my parents were not around - bending over in her short skirts, walking around in only a bra and panties, asking for back rubs.

One night we both went too far and watched a porn movie while our parents were out of town. The movie ended by midnight. She went to her room and stumbled in her bed. I observed that she was a deep sleeper and none can wake her up. So I walked quietly to her room.

I walked up to her and just gazed at her with my cock throbbing erect - she was lying on her back braless in a short sleeping shirt and a thong, her boobs spilled out on her sides. I started to feel her up over her clothes. Her tits were so soft to my touch. I unbuttoned her shirt. I saw her tits, and they were beautiful.

I licked on the nips rolling my tongue around and lightly massaged her boobs until she started to moan. I got scared and stopped. But she just kept on sleeping rearranging her legs. This allowed me to I push her thong aside and saw her bald pussy lips shining. I slowly pulled down her thong, smelled its aroma and pulled it off.

I ran my finger up and down her wet slit. I guessed that licking on her nips made her cunt wet… I put one finger in her worked her pussy with my fingers for a while before I decided it is time to put my cock into the juicy hole.

I stroked my 7 inch slowly at right angle by lifting one of her legs up and entered her pussy at a slow pace. It felt so warm and slippery. About 3 inches in I felt it quite tight but the wetness let my cock glide in slowly. I took my cock out a little and I shoved it back in full. I heard her grunt and I froze.

My cock was in her cunt to the hilt and she widened her other leg apart. But thankfully she kept on snoozing. I started to thrust slowly in and out and started gaining momentum. Soon I was pile driving her pussy and grabbing on her waist when I felt the need to cum.

Suddenly she opened her eyes as if in dream but clutched me close with her hands around my back!! This encouraged me to keep on pumping her till I dumped my load deep into her. After I was done, I pulled out and I saw some of my cum leak out of her slit. I pushed her legs to spread wider and I moved my mouth closer to lick on her slit.

She got wide awake, I regained my hardness, we were not speaking to each other but did understand each other’s language of eyes and body.

We fucked thrice during the rest of the night… and regularly for the rest of the weekend…

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