My Dad and Me: Pt 2

by Anonymous

My dad and i have been having sex for sometime now and one night as he was fucking my ass and i could feel him deep inside of my stomach he whispered he want to chat with me.

I soon felt that deep push into my ass and his hot sperm shooting into me as i moaned he kissed my neck and pulled out slowly and laid down on his back next to me.

I snuggled up next to him and he put his arm around me and smiled, he said o me that his long lost brother had come to find him after all these years because of being held prisoner and he was coming home.

My dad was going to pick him up at the airport the next day and bring him to our home, i wa happy and wondered what he had in mind also.

He said to me that i was to to have sex with him as well and do anything he wished with me i said ok and the next morning i showered and my dad asked me to wear nothing but my short robe and thigh highs for him and let him do a he wanted.

He went to pick him up and came back as they came in they were talking about stuff catching up my uncle smiled as he seen me and dad told him about me and how we were having sex and all since mom died.

His eyes lit up as looked at me , and my dad smiled at me as we ere in the kitchen and asked me to take off my robe, i smiled and i let my robe slide off of me and i stood there in the nude for them.

My dad smiled at my uncle and said she does it all and loves it, my uncle came over and started to kiss me and he started fingering my pussy.

He then whispered in my ear asking me to suck his cock so i sat down on a chair as he stood in front of me and pulled out his half hard 9"cock and i started sucking it.

Soon i felt him getting ready to cum and he did as i swallowed it all, then kept sucking him so he would stay hard soon after i got up and leaned over the table for him.

I felt him slide his dick into my pussy and he started fucking me hard as he held my hips , not long after he shot a huge hot load of sperm inside of me and pulled out , i stood up and smiled at him.

I went and cleaned up while they talked some more than my dad asked if we felt like a three some and i was ready for it and my uncle said ok, we went to dads bedroom and they got naked as i got on my knees.

I sucked their cocks hard and then my dad laid down on the bed firs and told me to straddle and slide down on his cock as i did i smiled as he filled my pussy up an then i felt my uncle push me forward a little as i felt him push his dick into my ass filling me there.

They both began to fuck me my head dizzied as it felt great and soon i felt hem take turns shooting there hot sperm into me afterwards we laid there me between both of them and my dad telling me to let my uncle fuck me whenever he wanted to and i smiled and said ok.

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