Bad Dad

by Grace (Texas)

I'm grown now my life has been hard. I'm 30 divorced.

It all started when I was younger.

My mom worked night shift at the hospital so I was with dad a lot.

Things were good till I got older develop I looked much older than I was had big breasts at an early age.

I never thought about it wore shorts and a shirt no bra in the house.

Well I guess my Dad thought I was hot. He checks me out I noticed it.

He wants me to hang out at the pool in my two-piece bikini I admit I liked the attention.

But one night he asked if I wanted a drink, I said what soda he said no a real drink.

I said?? Like what he said make me a chick drink.

What's that I asked?

He says a Margareta.

I said ok didn't know it had booze in it till I tasted it.

I said you ok with me having a drink he said yeah don't tell mom ok.

I said ok.

We'll I had two drinks I was tipsy my Dad helped me to my room.

Puts me on my bed he stands there looking at me.

Then he takes off my shirt.

I say Daddy what are you doing.

He said getting you ready for bed.

He tells me to take off my shorts, bra and panties.

He pulls me close unhooked my bra pulls it off exposing my big breasts.

I say Daddy.

He said its ok.

He starts to suck my nipple.

I say no.

He says here lay down then he pulls off my panties.

I say Daddy what are you doing.

He says shh.

Before I knew it, he was licking my pussy with long licks .

I'm a Virgin never felt anything like this before.

He puts a finger in me says tight.

Then he moves to my breasts he sucks them it felt so good.

Now my Dad was naked.

Hes old 60 fat bald not attractive.

He shows me his cock I never saw one before but its huge.

Long big mushroom head thick huge balls.

He tit fucks me.

I do my best he teaches me how and tells me to swallow his cum I gag but I do it.

He opens my legs wide I feel his mushroom head breaking my virginity it hurts at first, I yelp.

He says good girl your mom was a virgin too.

I say it's too big.

He says I'm going to break you.

He thrusts in as deep as he could go.

Aeee Grace yes oh baby.

I feel his monster size cock in me I can't help but cum.

He grabs my hips pulls me forward.

I hear oh yes Grace take it all your mom can't, oh it's so tight yeah baby.

I cream hard.

My Dad ruined me never had a cock that big in me.

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