The Loving Mother

by Jan (NM)

“I know that we shouldn’t be doing this,” Beverly said as she was taking off her dress as her son lay on the bed watching.

“Why not, mom? We both enjoy it,” Eric said.

“I know,” she admitted, revealing her naked and seeing it rewarded by her son’s stiff erection. She smiled at his arousal. She as fifty-four, full figured and not slim like a twenty year would have been by any means. She found it so nice to see his eagerness displayed like that.

Eric grinned, happy to let his mom see him having a boner.

She sat on the edge of the bed and they did a small affectionate kiss on the lips and looked at one another and smiled in a pleased way.

Eric leaned very to suck on her nipples, taking each in turn.

“Ooo … you did that so well,” she complimented. “You know that I have such sensitive nipples.”

Eric continued to mouth each one, feeling them stiffen against his lips and her moaned a little over the wet stimulation.

Then she leaned over and too his penis in her mouth to suck on.

Eric drew in a breath as he felt his moth warm wet mouth slide up and down his stiff length.

When she pulled back they smiled at one another again.

“I never even enjoyed sex like this with your father,” she said.

“I’m glad you do enjoy it, mom,” Eric told her. “You deserve it.”

Eric climbed on top of her and inserted his erection into her vagina, doing so easily, once again savoring the pleasure of sharing this intimacy with his mom. She laid there with her legs apart, feeling is stiff organ entering her.

“Oh …oh, that feels good,” she said, closing her eyes as he began to move his erection in and out of her. “Ohhhhh … yes …”

Eric diligently used his penis to please his mom, plunging it into her wet depths again and again.

“Ohhhhhhh … yes …” she moaned some more. Her breathing began to become faster as her son pleased her. His penis felt so good and stiff and it was exciting that it was her son in her like this.

That made it so special and thrilling, as her clitoris responded with an aching fullness. “Oh … Oh …” She panted. The she gasped and choked as she quickly started having an orgasm. She was almost embarrassed just how quickly this happened with him. “Uhhhhhh …”

Eric continued to supply his mom with his erection, doing so vigorously as she climaxed, loving how it felt to have her naked squirming beneath him in her sexual excitement.

“Uhhhhh … Uhhhhhhh … yes … Ohhhhhhh …”

After a few moments the intensity of her released began to ease.

Eric pushed his erection deep into her again and again and his penis was suddenly ejaculating. He gasped and let his male organ fulfill its wet purpose in his mom, without concern being able to give her his sperm.

“Oh, yes … yes …” she gasped and held him tight as she felt him doing that so satisfyingly in her.

Then they both let out a sigh.

“Oh, honey … Oh, Eric … that was so nice,” Beverly told her son gratefully.

“Oh, mom … I love coming in you,” Eric said.

“I love it when you do.”

Eric grinned. “And I love making you cum.”

“I love that, too. With you it always happens so easily,” she confessed.

They kissed, their lips pressing warmly and lovingly.

“I’m glad that you’re not with dad anyway,” Eric admitted.

“Me, too,” she said. “Although I never expected to be doing this with you.” She rolled her eyes. “With my own son!”

“But it’s so nice … it’s so good doing this together,” Eric said.

“It is,” she agreed.

They did another warm, affectionate kiss and did so gladly.

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