My Dad and Me

by Anonymous

It all started when my mom died of cancer, i was 18, now i'm 21, i am about 5'7 kinda athletic build with 32c tits nice ass blonde hair and blue eyes.

My dad and i were sitting on the couch a couple of days after moms funeral talking about what we needed to do from then on kinda stuff.

Dad always worked from home and i was graduating soon, i was sitting next to him in shorts and a top with no bra or panties. my dad put his arm around me as we chatted smiled and said things were going to be ok , as he looked into my eyes.

I smiled and ok, i asked if he was ok and he said sure but he was feeling a little lonely in certain areas and i asked if i could help in any way.

At first he didn't say anything and then, he smiled at me and said maybe but it would have to be only us who knew of it if i was game.

I agreed to it and asked what he had in mind, he looked at me and said i d like you to take moms place with me as far as having sex, i smiled and thought about it for a moment and said I'll do it.

He said ok lets try it as he kissed me he begin to slide his hand down into my shorts and started to caress and rub my shaved pussy, i moaned in pleasure a i got wet.

After a short time he said to me lets go to my bedroom and off we went after we got there we both undressed ad he faced me.

My dad had a huge 10" dick, he came over and i got on my knees and lifted it up and i slowly sucked him hard , he smiled as he asked me to lay back on the bed and i spread my legs wide as he started eating my wet pussy.

After i orgasmed he kissed his way up and sucked on both of my tits. He then started to push his dick into me i told him i d never had anything as big in me as he pushed slowly into me i could feel him filling me pushing deeper into my cervix finally stopping in the pit of my stomach, he then started fucking me slowly.

It hurt a little at first but then it felt great as he pumped it in and out of me soon i felt his dick swell and he pushed forward into me as i felt his hot sperm filling me up, he kissed me.

Then he slowly pulled out and laid back, i laid there as he then said he wanted to fuck my ass as well i said i was a virgin there but i'd let him, he was still hard and he had me turn over and go bottoms up.

He got some ky and started lubing me and then his dick, then he started to push into me it hurt while he pushed his cock into my ass and after he got all in he stayed there for a moment and started to fuck my ass shortly after it was ok and soon he came again inside of my ass.

As we laid there afterwards he said he wanted me to sleep with him and we would be having sex regular and that i should be ready for him i said sure. Since then we have become regular with sex and i'm always near naked for him to do as he wishes with me.

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