Those Special Moments

by Rebecca (NY)

Cynthia enjoyed the sinful delight of feeling her son’s stiff penis in her vagina, as she lay on the bed with him on top of her, his hips moving chemically up and down, driving his maleness deep into her wet female depths.

The divorce from his father had been a year ago now, and she had begun to enjoy he exciting pleasures and freedom of being naked which she had always liked. And then of happily finding the thought of being sexual with her own son a teasing enticement.

After all, it was not like he was fifteen and taking advantage of a young boy. And it was so absolutely thrilling to nakedly be giving him an erection, to see that she could evoke that type of response in her own son.

David felt the same way, completely captivated by how good it felt to fuck his mother, to take his penis all the way in her, and although not getting her pregnant, to be using the intimacy of the reproductive process for the sharing of physical pleasure.

For the last six months now, they had enjoyed being sexually expressive of their feelings, and that morning he savored just how good it felt to be lovingly sliding his hard male organ in and out of her accommodating female organ and hearing the wet sounds his made.

“Ohhh …” Cynthia moaned. ‘It feels so good to have you in me!’

“It feels so good to be in you, mom,’ David said back.

He could feel the urge growing within his organ with each caressing inward stroke which only encouraged his erection to be as big and stiff as it could possibly be. Almost embarrassing so with his mom, as his being with her like this made it that way. The swollen mushrooming head of his penis felt enormous and straining, and the curving length of shaft rigid.

Again, and again his insertions produced wet sounds.

“Oh … Oh, yeah …” he breathed, his eyes closed as he fucked her thoroughly.

Cynthia knew that he was about to ejaculate and she prepared herself to receive his usual overabundance of male liquid, spreading her legs to allow his organ to be in her as deeply as it could go.

David suddenly groaned as he felt the intensity of the thick semen shooting up the length of his submerged organ and pulsing out again and again.

“Oh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!’ he exclaimed and choked, climaxing fully in his mother.

Cynthia felt her clitoris, rock hard and fully expanded, suddenly give way to ultimate excitement and she was having an orgasm. The wracking spasms made her thrust her hips up and she was lost to a sexual explosion of sheer delight. She struggled nakedly beneath her son, impaled b his male organ.

In a moment, both could only lay there, overwhelmed and exhausted by their mutual sexual culmination, and savoring the satisfaction of their once again physically intertwining as mother and son.

There were those who thought that this was sinful and disgraceful, although the number of mothers and sons who had discovered sexual pleasure together remained much, much higher than anyone thought or believed.

For those brave enough to have discovered and explored the sexual expression of feelings, it created a bond like no other. A natural bond that was amazing to experience. So it was no surprise that realistically in this day and age how this was becoming increasingly more common. Even that it was suggested that half of all mothers and sons had experienced sexual relations.

Cynthia only knew that she was glad and ever so grateful to have let her desires known to her son, just as he felt the same at being given the opportunity. So now they fucked and they fucked regularly and with no regrets.

“Oh, mam … that felt great,’ David breathed.

“I know,” Cynthia agreed. She wrinkled her nose. “I can’t wait to do it again.’

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