Son Surprised Mom

by Curious Man (Everett wa)

I'm 24 and I went to mom's house for a week stay. We went around her community and looked at the sights. After her divorce 8 years ago she was a stay indoors mom.

She is 49 and looks like a 20 year old, C size tits and thin waist. We woke up this morning and I walked in to the kitchen with just a pair of boxers on she had a thin robe that was unbuttoned and I could see her shaven pussy.

She saw I had a hard on and when she refilled her cup she felt my dick. I was shocked at her I asked her when she was fucked last, and she said almost ten years ago.

But my dildo has been replaced 6 or 8 times as she laughed. She asked me if I get pussy often? Yes mom I even get blow jobs. From guys or women? She asked with a laugh. I said from both!

She then stood in front of me and took her robe off. I just stared at her fantastic body. She was smiling and said let's go to the bathroom and we will wash each other like I did when you were little.

So I followed her and she turned on the bath tub and she pulled down my shorts. My dick sprang out and she stroked it. I was like mom what if someone finds out? No one knows us here, so we are safe from the nosey people.

She has me get on my knees in the tub and she soaps up a cloth and she is washing me. She soaps me up top then rinses me off then she said remember when I use to do this. I said I always loved to be bathed by you.

She added more soap on the towel and washed my dick and nuts and then she washed my ass. She then used her hands and was soaping my whole lower half. My cock nuts and she slid her fingers up my ass crack, I moaned and she said you like that?

Mom said do you remember this and she slipped a finger in my hole. I grabbed the faucet and moaned loud and she slipped in 2 more fingers.

My dick is bouncing and she then slid her 2"by 8" dildo in and she asshole fucked me for over a hour. I was moaning loud and she was fucking me harder the longer we did it.

She is now jacking off my dick and she was edging my cock. She said I use to like stroking your 2" long penis and how long it stayed hard and you having dry orgasms.

Yes I loved it too mom and you always used a couple of fingers in me then too. I have wanted to make love to you then dad left and you went into a shell.

I would say that you are not in it now and she slipped her dildo in deeper. I told her I have had a 12" thick cock in my asshole and she said yes the neighbor 3 doors up and he said you loved eating his sperm. I admitted to eating sperm a lot.

She now slipped in the tub and shoved my hand in her pussy. She came quick and said she wanted me to fuck her hard. So I licked my fingers and her pussy then I fucked her hard for a hour.

I came hard and she was full of our cum loads. She stood up and I licked her all clean then she held my head and she dildo fucked me I came and she made me lick it up.

Then we showered off and layed on her bed. She said she always wanted to do this for a long time. I had forgotten about her letting me pound her pussy when I was young. I spent the next 5 days just fucking her hard.

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