Gerald and Gran

by Ron (TX)

When Gerald went in, his grandmother was in the living room running the vacuum cleaner around. She was naked and just wearing a pair of red flip flops She usually was naked around the house in the summer when it was warm.

He smiled and she smiled back at him, and he went over and they kissed on the lips. Gerald gave her large, full left breast a squeeze.

“I’m glad that you could come over, she told him.

“Me, too,” said Gerald.

They went into the bedroom to fuck.

Gran laid on the bed as he undressed, presenting her when he was naked too with the usual large stiff boner that he always got with her. He joined her and they kissed some more, playfully licking each other’s tongue, and he played wither titties.

Then Gerald slid his boner into her wet hairy pussy.

“Ooo … your dick feels so good,” she said. “It always does.”

“It feels good having my dick you in, Gran,” Gerald said as he began to fuck her.

His mom, of course, had no idea that they were doing this together, that he was fucking her mom. She would have never approved of course. But then his mom was like that.

He had always gotten so well with his grandmother, and he spent a lot of time at her house. She was easy to get along with. Now he was nineteen and he and his grandmother had found it fun and easy to be having sex.

“Oh, Gerald … I like the way that you fuck me,” Gran said.

“I like fucking you, Gran. It’s always great having my dick in you.”

“Ooo … yes,” she breathed and moved her broad hips with his as his hard penis went in and out of her vagina. She loved just how big and stiff his organ was. “Oh … you always make me come so fast.”

“Just come, Gran.”

“Oh … I’m going to …”

Gerald gave her his boner with repeated firm thrust.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …. OHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh, God! Oh, God!” She gasped.

Gerald loved to make her climax and he continued to fuck her as she had her orgasm.

As she was finishing, clutching her large tits, he ejaculated. The semen shot from his boner into her vagina with a satisfying fullness.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” he groaned as he gave her his male liquid in throbbing pulses.

“Uh! Gerald! I love it when you come in me!”

“I like giving you my sperm, Gran,” he told her as his boner finished pulsing in her wet hole.

They both sighed and then enjoyed the pleasure of lying naked on the bed together.

“Have you ever fucked you mother?” Gran asked, curious.

“No,” Gerald replied quickly. “Mom would never go for that.”

“I kind of didn’t think so,” Gran said, not able to imagine her daughter ever being so free sexually. “Well, we will just keep it between ourselves. It’s more special that way,” she told him.

“I think so, Gran,” said Gerald. And it was special being able to fuck with his grandmother like this.

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Jan 30, 2021
Unusual Relationship
by: Mandy

I use to stay at my grans at weekend, nakedness was common for us, our lesbian relationship started when gran offered to wash my back in the bath she said get on your hands and knees, her hands on me felt good when she was washing my back, it got more personal when she washed my bottom it was a surprise when she washed the cheeks of my bottom with her fingers almost touching my anus and vagina, next time she washed my anus and asked if i was ok with her washing my private parts , i said it felt good, she slipped he finger in my vagina, gran said i think your enjoying i said don't stop,
we ended up in bed together in the 69 position, the fishy tasted of her cunt marvellous, obviously we shouldn't have done it, forbidden fruit tastes nicest

Jan 23, 2021
Me, too
by: Anonymous

I ahve fucked with my grandmother a nuber f times now and we both enjoy this.

Jan 22, 2021
kind granny
by: Anonymous

awww nice fucking story, am wet already

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