My Stepson and His Friend

by Anonymous

I was married to a wonderful man who had a good son he was 18 and school was out.

I'm 30 great body firm 30 d tits. His dad had gone a business trip for a few days and one evening my stepson came home with his friend from down the street and they went to his bedroom and were doing some things and talking.

I decided to get a shower not realizing what might happen so i walked past his room and the door was open and they were talking and i went to my room and undressed and put on my robe which only covered me to the top of my thighs and i started to walk past his room on my way to the shower.

He looked over and smiled and then he asked me to come in for a moment and i did thinking he wanted to ask me something.

I stopped in front of them as he stood up and he smiled and said that him and his friend wanted to show me something as i felt his friends hand slide up my thigh and play with my ass.

At first i was little hocked as he took me into a kiss i was getting a little turned on as they kept doing it and soon he took my robe off and i was naked.

They both smiled and got undressed and both of them were already hard and had 8" he had me lay back and i spread my legs i was already past the point of no return with them and i wanted it.

They both took turns eating my pussy and sucking my tits and then my stepson as i laid there got between my legs and started to slide his dick into me.

After he was in he started fucking me and i laid there moaning as he kept going soon he smiled and had me wrap my legs around him and soon he was shooting his hot sperm deep inside of me and kissed me.

His friend asked me to roll over so i did and he straddled me and pushed his dick slowly into my ass as i moaned after he was in he whispered in my ear that he loved tight ass.

He started fucking me and he shot his hot sperm in my ass, it had all felt so good to me and i laid there smiling.

My stepson asked me if i wanted to shower and i said ok and i went and showered and when i came back he smiled and said he was able to spend the nite.

As i laid back on the bed, that nite i was fuck many times by them and together and the next morning i told them both they could fuck me anytime but it would have to be our secret and they both agreed to it.

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