Drunk Cousins

by Anonymous

One night me and my female cousin were taking shots and I had always been attracted to her but I’ve never done anything about it.

We were both 18 years old and we were at one of our cousins apt but she was out of town so we had the place all to ourselves.

So we took shots got really drunk no awkward conversations but I went to the room and fell asleep when I woke up about 20 min later she was in front of me in just her panties and a t shirt.

I didn’t think anything of it and I didn’t want to make things awkward so I pretended to be asleep. She put on some pajama bottoms and crawled into bed with me.

She laid right next to me and we started spooning. I felt a hard on coming she had her butt pressed up against it so I know she felt it and when she did she kinda scooted away but I said “aww why’d you move I was so comfy” and she came back.

I then started rubbing her butt on the outside of her pj bottoms and she was moaning so I went inside and started rubbing her pussy. She started touching my dick on the outside of my boxers and I started fingering her and she pulled my dick out and started jerking me off.

She then stopped and went back to sleep I think she felt what we were doing was wrong so she stopped. That was it for that night. The next time something like this happened we had been drinking again but this time with my little sister also.

We all got really drunk and went to my sisters' room to sleep. My cousin laid In the middle of me and my sister. My sister passed out and when she did my cousin put her hand in my boxers and held my dick.

She then made some bs excuse like “I wanna smoke but the wraps are in my car can you come get them with me” me knowing what’s going on said yes. I followed her into my bedroom which was right next door.

When we got in there I immediately undressed as did she. I laid on my bed and she started giving me head then we did 69 and she got on top and started riding it, I then pushed her off and started giving her back shots and when I was about to finish, I told her to turn around and suck it again and she did she swallowed. We went on about our days like nothing happened until a few tears later…

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