Mom's New Love

by Kena (MS)

“My new condo, and the start of a new life,” Dana said in a very pleased way.

Josh had come over to his mom’s new place. It was just six months after her divorce from his father, and he felt happy for her.

“Now all you need is a boyfriend,” he remarked with an amused grin.

“Um … that would be a no thank you,” she said. “I’m not about to become involved with anyone. I just wanted to enjoy my new life.” She did a playful smirk and added, “Some fun would be nice … if it could be without the complications.”

“That could be difficult,” Josh mused.” It always turns complicated, doesn’t it?”

”Unless you want to play around with your mom,” she teased with a diffident grin.

Josh laughed. “You mean …”

“Well,” she said innocently, “No one would have to know.”

“I suppose not,” Josh agreed a bit shyly.

They looked at one another they hugged, slipping into each other’s arms and enjoying the playful closeness. Just affectionately she kissed her son on the lips and he kissed her back. She gave a pleased murmur as she moved against him.

Not sure, Josh brought a hand up to feel his mom’s left breast. He squeezed it gently, feeling its soft plump shape through her blouse and bra.

“That feels good,” she said approvingly. Then, somewhat impishly she said, “Maybe we should go into the bedroom.”

Josh was surprised to see his mom being so uninhibited as she took his hand followed her into the bedroom. He stood and watched as she slipped off her sandals and then began to unbutton her blouse, telling him that she was being perfectly serious. He started to get undressed, too.

It only took a moment for them to get their clothes off and to find themselves naked together. Without no difficulty Josh found himself getting an erection, which felt exciting to have happening in front of his mom as he viewed her nakedness. She was full bodied and curvy, with large full breasts, each boasting broad brown nipples and she had an ample amount of dark pubic hair.

Dan smiled at the sight of her son’s erection.

Stepping forward they hugged again, this time feeling their bare skin coming seductively together. Dan kissed her son again, this time allowing her lips to press more fully against hers.

In the next moment they were getting onto the bed and continuing to make out with an enjoyable lack of constraint. Josh fondled her breasts and kissed and sucked on her nipples. While he did this, he slipped a hand down between her legs, his fingers going through her wiry pubic hair to stroked her pronounced clitoris, and then to push into her moist vaginal opening.

After a moment Dana pulled back and she leaned all the way to take his erect penis into her mouth. Josh was surprised by his mom doing this, and he felt her mouth wetly go up and down his stiff male length a number of times. When she pulled back she gave him a teasing and naughty grin over her being so indulgent with him.

They slipped back into each other’s arms and kissed and Josh found himself on top of her. Easily he pushed his erection into her now very wet vagina, feeling his penis gliding smoothly all the way into her soft warm depths.

“Ohhhh …” she said, letting out a breath. “That feels so good.”

“Oh, mom …” Josh said.

“Oh, honey … just do it in me. I want to feel you doing it in me.”

Josh began to slide is erection in and out of his mom as she brought her legs up on either side of his hips, breathing with a rising passion as her son ‘s maleness excited her female reproductive organ.

She had never imagined doing this with her own son. And yet, like so many mothers she found the sexual intimacy natural and so wonderful to enjoy as a mother. It bridged the maternal bond with her womanly needs.

“Oh, Josh … Josh …” she panted, again and again feeling her son’s sexual stiffness violating and thrilling her. “Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh …”

Josh found it amazing to have his penis in his mom’s vagina. It such a fulfilling privilege for a boy to experience this with his own mom.

“OHHHHHH … AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Dana gasped as she was suddenly unashamedly climaxing beneath her son. “AHHHH! AHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHH!”

Then she laid back helplessly on the bed.

“Oh … fuck me! Fuk your mom!” she said.

Jason took his erection quickly all the way in her, groaning his penis throbbed and pulsed out his semen. Gratifyingly realizing that he was giving his own mom his sperm and being reproductive in her vagina.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” she said as she felt him ejaculating her to make the intimacy complete.

Then they both caught their breath.

“Oh, honey …” she said, looking into her son’s eyes. “that was so wonderful. It was so wonderful doing this with you.”

“It was wonderful doing it with you, mom,” Jason assured.

She smiled and laughed. “I guess this is the perfect way to enjoy new condo and my new life.”

“Definitely mom," Josh said.

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