Ben And Jerry

by Ron (OR)

Jerry was leaning forward, letting his cousin butt fuck him.

His cousin was several years older, and although he was not gay by any means, he apparently enjoyed the opportunity to have sex with other guys.

When Jerry had discovered this, he had been surprised.

But no more surprised when he had found himself being indulgent with his cousin and experiencing anal sex for the first time.

Now he had done this with his cousin maybe half a dozen times and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Getting naked and becoming aroused with his cousin was so appealing male, and then to be able to feeling his cousin’s boner going into his butt and fucking him was the best thing ever.

“Oh…” Ben breathed as he kept his hips moving and his erection going in and out of his younger cousin. “It feels so good doing this with you.”

“I love it,” Jerry breathed back.

His cousin’s maleness excited him and his own boner was rigid and huge, outlandishly curving nakedly up from between his legs.

To the point of being pleasurably painful, as the mushrooming tip was expanded out to become shiny smooth and a deep shade of crimson.

His cousin’s boner was no less so as it plunged into his anal depths again and again.

“I love fucking you, jerry.”

“I love you fucking me,” Jerry said.

Then, all at once, his cousin was ejaculating deep inside of him, his penis sluicing out his sperm-filled male liquid and doing so with an excited overabundance.

Ben loved that moment of male fulfillment with another guy, of letting his dick uncontrollably climax with its male purpose.

“Ahhhh!” Jerry gasped. He reached down and quickly stroked his boner to an ejaculation, his semen carelessly shooting out and going several feet through the air in powerful repeated streams.

As he ejaculated, he felt his sensitive butt hole squeezed down on Ben’s thick, hard dick, adding to his excitement. “Ahhh!!!”

Ben grinned at Jerry. “Man … I never thought that I would get to fuck you like this.”

“I’m glad that you did,” jerry said. “I’m so glad that you did.”

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