Mom Gets The Best: Pt 2

by Tanya (VT)

Feeling him deep inside her vagina and with a desire which only a mother could know. It was lustful and sexual, and yet at the same time nurturing and maternal and all of that blended together in a way that could not be really described.

It was the same for Chris, being able to do this with his own mother. In was so satisfying to feel his penis in his mom’s vagina and so loving.

For the next several minutes they lay their copulating with a mutual longing.

Cynthia felt her sexual needs coming to the forefront in a way that the excitement and thrill made it impossible to avoid or ignore.

“Oh … Chris …” she breathed, her hands on his moving hips.

Chris could tell that she was close to climaxing. He could always tell.

He slide his penis in and out just a little faster and this brought her to the point of release.

“Uh!” she chocked, squeezing her eyes shut, putting her head back, and arching her hips off the bed. “Uhhhh … Uhhhhh … Oh, yes! Yes! Just keep fucking me!”

Chris did and he smiled over his mom saying that. It was one of the few times that she ever used the “F” word, which they did together during moments like this.


Chris felt his mom go limp beneath him and her excitement quickly brought him to the point of ejaculation. He grunted as his erection pulsed his semen into her vagina in powerful surges.

“Uh! UHH!!!” he said, feeling his organ straining in her.

It was so thrilling to be ejaculating his sperm into his mom.

Finally they both sighed and disengaged and just lay there together on the bed.

“Oh, honey … that was so wonderful,” Cynthia said. She reached out and touched her fingers to the side of his face.

Chris smiled. “It’s always wonderful doing it with you, mom.”

They did a tender kiss on the lips and then just continued to lie there together side by side, enjoying the pleasing freedom of being naked together like they were. It was so open and honest and in a way that was satisfying for a mother and son to share.

Curious Chris asked in an unassuming manner, “Have you and Diane …” He stopped and gave an amused grin.

“Yes,” his mom confessed. She blushed just a tiny bit as she grinned modestly back.

“Did the two of you fuck?” he teased.

She blushed some more. “Yes. We did,” she said. In a cavalier fashion she added, “It’s fun fucking with another woman.”

“I’m glad,” Chris told her, pleased for his mom.

She then gave him a heartfelt look. “But I like it when you fuck me. I like feeling your penis in me. And I like doing that with my son … it’s so special.”

“I like fucking you too, mom. It is very special.”

They kissed and held one another, doing so with a shared delight.

In the two years since the divorce, Chris had watched his mother change, becoming much more confident and her own person. He thought that was the best thing and just so great.

Over that next month Cyntia realized that she had never been so sexual nor had she enjoyed it more than she ever had in just the recent weeks. She still felt modest about having sex with her own son, although it was the most satisfying sex that she had ever had. It just fulfilled some deep womanly desire within her. And now … doing it with Diane, doing it with another woman … that was so thrilling and delightful. It was like taking off one’s clothes and suddenly feeling so naked and free.

Diane and her had finished, at least for the moment, having another delightful sexual tryst. Feeling a need for a beak, they happily went naked from the bedroom and into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, they smiled at one another, very much feeling like two naughty girls having some teasing fun.

“Oh, this is such a nice way to be with a friend,” Cynthia remarked.

“Oh, yes,” Diane agreed wholeheartedly. “I never thought I would be … well, doing something like this with another woman.” She laughed. “If only my husband could see me now!”

Cynthia laughed, too. “You and me both. Only in my case …” She rolled her eyes. “Another woman and with my son!”

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