The Loving Mother, The Loving Son

by Anonymous

It was a bright and sunny afternoon when Darren went over to his mom’s house.

“I’m glad you could stop by,” she said.

“Me, too.”

He sat down on the sofa with her. They did a small affectionate kiss on the lips. It was always good to get together and to see each other, and they did frequently.

“Are you feeling in a loving mood?” Tanya asked with a teasing grin.

“With you I always am,” said Darren.

They kissed again and started to get undressed.

Tanya laughed happily. “It’s always so much fun to be naked with you.”

Darren could see that his mom looked delighted to be out of her clothes, feeling playful naked. And he liked being naked with her. It was special being able to be that way with your own mom, and he enjoyed letting her see his penis as it pushed up nice and large and hard. She smiled admiringly at her son’s naked maleness.

She reached out to take a hold of his penis and then took it into her mouth. She went up and down on its stiff length wetly several times before pulling back and seeing the look of his surprise on his face. Darren was a little surprised each time that his mom did that. A boy just never thought of his own mom as liking to suck on a dick.

“Well, moms like to do that too, you know,” she said with a modest grin. She laughed. “You can cum in my mouth in you want.”

“I’d rather cum in your pussy,” he told her.

“That’s always nice.”

“Or maybe I’ll cum in your butt.”

“Ooo,” she cooed, wrinkling her nose. “I like that, too. It’s exciting when you do that.”

Darren grinned back, liking his mom’s adventurous and carefree spirit.

His parents had been divorced for two years now, and he and his mom had quite unashamedly discovered the joys of being sexually loving as mother and son. Throughout history there had always been a special significance to mother and son sexual relations. Although seldom talked about or recorded, at one time it had been seen as a son’s duty to take his absent father’s place with his own mother.

In more modern times, as women had become freer to have sex life, and with reliable birth control, it was seen as simply a wonderful and fun experience, and one which was gaining in its popularity and practice as outdated incest laws between consenting adults were removed from the books, no longer making it a crime. Even removing the stigma that this was somehow wrong or sinful for a mother and son to share their love in this way.

Certainly living where they thankfully did, in New Jersey, there did not have to worry about that, and were free to be loving indulgent as mother and son. Although they were discrete about their copulating, Tanya and Darren did not go through excessive lengths to hide the fact that they enjoyed being sexual together. Two of her friends knew that they fucked and this had encouraged one of the, who was also divorced, to initiate a sexual relationship with her own son.

As his mom lay back on the sofa, Darren got on top of her and guided his stiff erection between her soft and moist and hairy vaginal lips, slowly pushing into her wet sexual accommodation.

“Ohhhh …” she breathed. “That feels so wonderful. Especially doing it with my son. I like that,” Tanya said unashamedly. “It’s so exceptional.” She was of course referring to a mother’s capacity to be intimate with her own son.

“It’s great being in mom’s pussy,” Darren said, thrilled to have that pleasure. Fucking his own mom was so special.

Darren began to go in and out, giving her his male stiffness as fully as he could. His actions produced wet sounds that they both enjoyed hearing.

“Oh … Oh … Oh … I always get so excited with you,” Tanya confessed as her clitoris quickly became agonizingly swollen. “Oh, yes … yes. Oh, just fuck me.”

Darren was prideful of just how big and stiff his penis was in his mom’s vagina. The head was large and pronounced, plunger-like as it went back and forth in her vagina, driving her arousal as well as his own even farther.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Tanya closed her eyes and put her head back. Her hands held her son’s moving hips, and the slid around to press down on his flexing bare and smooth buttocks. “Oh … yes, yes, yes …”

Darren loved seeing his mom becoming so sexually excited.

“OHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! OH, SHIT!” Tanya vocalized as her orgasm seized her without control. “SHIT! SHIT!”

Darren thrusting left his mom momentarily limp on the sofa in sexual exhaustion.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhh …” she moaned softly. “You always fuck the shit out of me.”

Darren grinned. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you mom.”

Tanya knew what this meant. As he pulled his rock hard organ from her vagina, she turned around and got on her hands and knees, and in the next moment felt his large erection violating her ass.

“Oh!” she moaned.

Darren began to slide his erection through her butt hole, as its tight and sensitive circumference stretched to grip the thickness of her son’s male length. Even his father had never fucked her butt before. This was something that she had daringly tried and enjoyed with Darren. It was something that so many women were surprised to learn that they thoroughly enjoyed in terms of pleasure.

Again and again she felt his raw masculine length penetrate her private quarters, providing her with a new and before unknown excitement. Having one’s butt fucked was no longer seen as just a male prerogative.

“Oh, yeah, mom …” Darren breathed, his hands holding the smooth curve of her hips as he thrust his penis into her poop hole, doing so with a joyful abandon. It was such an exciting privilege to be in his mom’s butt like this.

Darren felt his cum working up from his balls and then, in one explosive instant, shooting out to fill his mom’s anal depths.

“Oh, honey!” Tanya gasped as she felt her son taking his boner all the way in her butt.

“Yeah, mom … yeah. It feels so good cumming in your butt.”

Darren let his penis go naked and all the way without constraint , and that felt so good.

When it was over, Darren slid his expended penis from his mom’s butt.

They looked at one another and they both smiled and laughed over just how incredibly intimate that had been.

“I never thought that I would let anyone fuck my ass,” Tanya confessed.

“It feels so good fucking my mom’s ass,” Darren admitted without embarrassment. “But now I’m going to fuck or pussy.”

“Oh, I’d like that, too,” she said breathlessly. “I like it when you put your sperm in my vagina. It makes me want to get pregnant.”

Darren gave his mom’s mothering instinct a somewhat chiding look. “But would that be wise?”

“I don’t know,” she responded carelessly. She found the idea of being impregnated by her own son and having his baby very enticing. Although she did know how reckless that would be. “But I still want you to fuck your sperm into me, regardless. That is just so satisfying.”

“It sure is, mom,” Darren said. And he knew that it would be exciting to get his mom pregnant. To have his sperm fertilize her egg, and for the two of them to be biologically combined even more than they were. It was just such a natural desire.

Yet, they both knew that it was best for this not to happen and to resist the temptation. Granted some mothers and sons did not, and they happily did exercise their reproductive desires and joyfully had children together. It remained, however, a lot of responsibility and there were so many considerations to take into account.

Still, even exercising constraint, it was a fun thought.

One that Darren and his mom enjoyed finding to be entertaining of as his penis swiftly become stiff with another erection, as it always did with his mom, and he would once more deliver his sperm into her vagina in the most pleasing of ways.

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