Exploring With Mom

by Anonymous

With this quarantine mom and I have gotten closer to each other.

Mom and I have been lovers for many years before this virus but now we are trying new things like water sports.

I now have a pantyhose fetish I love when mom wears her pantyhose and nothing else around the house.

Her full firm tits bounce when she walks mom's nipples are always hard.

Mom now shaves her pussy bald her puffy pussy lips pressed against the silky fabric of her pantyhose keeps her pussy always aroused and she has a big wet spot in her pantyhose.

I get on my knees and lick her pussy through the silky material tasting her Sweet Pussy juice.

Then I use my teeth to rip open the fabric so l can lick her sweet pussy.

I then rip the opening bigger so I can lick her ass as soon as my tongue probes her hole and l get a taste of her tangy sweet ass hole.

My cock instantly gets so hard I stand up bend mom over and shove my hard throbbing cock right up mom's tight ass hole.

Grabbing her curvy hips l fuck her so good mom starts cumming immediately.

She is moaning oh baby fuck my ass hole deeper harder baby yes yes I'm cumming.

Mom makes me promise her that I will never fuck another woman that I will only fuck her.

That's an easy promise to make and to keep because mom has the best pussy and ass.

Mom is four months pregnant now and as hot and horny as ever but now mom is pregnant I have stopped having her do ATM.

When l fuck her sweet pussy I'm more gentle I no longer fuck her hard and deep.

I'm more careful with her, when I eat her out l have even gotten to like it when she cums.

She sometimes pees as she cums in my mouth I now love when she pisses in my mouth or when I'm fucking her and she pisses on my cock.

We don't fuck with wild lust like we use to we now make passionate love to each other she is truly the only woman for me.

Everyone should try sex with their mother's at least once it's the ultimate sexual experience.

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