My Drunk Mom (Sue Mom and Me)

by Chris (Minnesota)

I walked Sue into Mom's room. Both their eyes widened. Sue was taking in Mom's naked body, and Mom obviously approved of Sue's nearly naked one.

Just to be polite, I introduced them of course.

"Mom, this is Sue. Sue, this is my Mom."

They smiled politely at each other, and I could see them sizing each other up. Mom was taller, but Sue was bustier. This was going to be an interesting night.

Finally Mom took control of things. I saw her reach up, and pull Sue's head to hers. When their lips met, Mom's mouth opened right away and I could see tongues slipping and sliding across each other.

As Mom kissed her, I saw her hand gently undo the small strings holding Sue's top on. When it fell away, Mom's hand immediately went to those tits, playing with her nipples.

I heard Sue moan as Mom began kissing her way down her neck. Moments later Mom sucked one hard nipple into her mouth. I watched her do them both, nipping and sucking them. Then Mom's head was on the move again. She kissed lower, slowly working her way down. When her hand went to the strings on Sue's bottoms, I started getting naked myself.

Those bottoms came off easily, and Mom couldn't resist. I saw her lean forward, and her tongue snaked out taking a taste of Sue's pussy.

She smiled, then stood up. "Couldn't resist, could you?"

She said that to me with a smile on her face. I shook my head, and Mom took her hand.

"Let's get more comfortable."

We adjourned to Mom's bed then. I watched her lay back against her pillows, and Sue took the hint. She returned the favor for Mom, sucking those incredible nipples in then kissing lower. As her tongue came closer, Mom's eyes closed and she started playing with her own nipples. I watched transfixed as Sue finally reached her goal.

She didn't waste any time. I saw her tongue slide right into Mom's wet pussy. Mom moaned, and one hand came down to rest on my friend's head. Sue was good, she was making Mom squirm already. So I got into position behind her, fucking her as I watched her eat my Mom.

I took my time, managing to hold off even with that amazing sight in front of me. I watched Mom's hips moving, and finally her hands clenching. Her hips came up off the bed, and add I watched she came all over Sue's face.

Sue finally stopped, smiling up at Mom. Mom caught her breath, then motioned for Sue to join her at the top of the bed.

I heard Mom say, "Kneel over my face."

Sue did, and I got to watch Mom's tongue slide into her. Sue's eyes went wide at that.

"Chris, she's good. I want to watch now. Do it; fuck your Mom."

With pleasure. I knelt between Mom's legs, and as Sue watched, I slid slowly into her pussy again. Sue moaned and her eyes closed as Mom buried her tongue in her, tasting both of us from earlier that evening.

I fucked Mom, watching Sue the entire time. She was gonna cum, and those were usually amazing. Sure enough, not too much later, she did. Her entire body shook as Mom have her a fantastic orgasm.

I was still buried in Mom's pussy when Sue rolled off to catch her breath herself. I pulled out reluctantly, not sure where I was going to cum yet.

When Sue collected herself, I watched her lean over and whispered in Mom's ear. Mom smiled and said, "That's going to be a first."

They both stood, motioning for me to come over. When I did, they sat me down in the chair there. Before I knew it, both of them were kneeling between my legs and I was getting my first double blowjob.

I managed to hold off as their lips met around my shaft, and I was doing good until Mom took me deep and Sue's tongue went to my balls. That was all it took, and I shot into Mom's mouth again.

She released my shaft when I was finished, and pulled Sue's head over. Sue opened wide, and Mom shared my cum with her in some sticky hot kisses.

They went back to the bed then, falling into a hot 69. Sue spent the night, and we all fucked in every position imaginable until the sun came up.

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