My Daughter My Lover: Chapter 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

I had been having sex with my oldest daughter for over a year now 2-3 times a week and loving it more and more each time.

My other daughter just turned 18 about a month earlier and she was catching my eyes a lot these days with those big tits and hot looking ass.

Then the wife's mother took sick and the wife was going to help her out for a few days until she got back on her feet again. My oldest daughter decided she wanted to go for a few days to help out to. My other daughter did not want to go so she stayed home with me.

Wife and oldest daughter hit the road next morning early leaving other daughter and I home alone.

Other daughter's car was in shop so she asks me to give her a ride to the mall to trade some bra's that her mom had got her that where to small so I gave her a ride to the mall.

After she traded her bra's she wanted to go to Victoria's Secret. We went in she looked at some sets of panties and bras that would not cover very much. Then she ask me to buy them for her.

I told her I would if she model them for me when we got home. She said no so I refused to buy them then she said buy me two sets and I will model them for you. I bought her the two she wanted then also bought her two sets of crotchless panties and half bra's that show her nipples.

We went to dinner at a restaurant then home where she did model the two she ask me to buy but refused to model the crotchless and half bra's said she didn't ask me to buy them but she would keep them.

Later we watched a movie and when I tried to play with her a little she moved my hand and said dad I am not my sister I don't fuck my dad. She said I know you been fucking her for over a year but I am not a daddy fucker.

We went to bed after the movie and weather was real bad. Tornado went through a few miles away killing the power to everywhere complete black out loud thundering lightning. She must have been trying on the crotchless panties and half bra's she come running in my room jumped in bed with me and I sleep nude.

I told her I was nude and she need to go back to her bed she said she didn't care and got under covers with me and pushed her ass and back against me real tight. I pushed my cock against her ass cheeks and she just stayed tight against me.

We stayed like that a while then I slid my cock between her legs against her wet pussy and felt she was in her crotchless panties then I reached over and felt her tits nipple erect so I started pinching and rolling them between my fingers and she didn't say a word or try to stop me so I was rubbing my cock between her legs and then she moved over and got on her back grabbed my cock and I slid down to her hot wet pussy.

I licked her slit and clit for a while then she had an orgasm so I got up between her legs and she put her hand around my cock and guide it in her wet pussy. I fucked her balls deep and hard and she was one hot wild fuck I knew it was not her first time to take a cock balls deep.

After a second round she said I guess I can't say I am not a daddy fucker any more since I be getting your cock every chance we get hopefully a few times a week daddy.

We have had many more times since we started lost count over the years but it gets better every time.

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