True Story That Will Make You Cum In Your Pant

True story that will make you cum in your pant. Here are quick teasers, “Is he really going to let this guy pump his cum into me” Then I felt it… I began to feel an orgasm coming. Billy cried out, “I’m fucking my own mother… As I pushed in I could feel the head of my cock splitting her cunt walls apart and forcing her pussy to stretch around me…

Carol, My Wife (True Story) 
I recently wrote a story on here about a woman named Karen and all the great sex we had. I’m now going to tell you about the woman, Carol I left her for...Part 1, Part 2

Hubby’s Helpers (True Story) 
My hubby Jimmy says to me Carol the boys are coming over for a barbecue and to swim in the pool. Jimmy tells me he’s leaving to pick up the boys and he’ll...Continue reading

My Bully Named Jamal (True Story)   
My name is Paul and I am an 18 year old freshman in college. I would be described as a computer nerd and science geek by both friends and family...Part 1Part 2.0Part 2.1Part 2.2

My Twin Sister And Me: A True Story
My sister Holly and I are still very close, were both now nearly 30 and this story is true, but I've no way to prove it, so I guess, you'll just have to...Continue reading

How My Mom's Teasing Turned Into Full On Fucking My Friend
This is a true story so the names and timings will be made up. My friend Sam and I have been friends for some time now and one day I decided...Continue reading

My Drunk Mother TRUE STORY 
When I was a teenager my parents divorced. My father left Mom with six children and no child support or alimony. My dad is a real piece of crap...Continue reading

Growing Up Their Was Me With Mom And Sis (True Story)   
I grew up in a small town it was just mom sis and me, dad had died at a young age and mom never remarried. We had a small apartment and mom and I shared...Continue reading

Laundry Day With My Daughter   
This is a true story it happened on a Friday morning my 24 year old daughter was living with me after a bad breakup with a jerk BF, on Friday morning she...Continue reading

'Caught' In Moms Bedroom (Sissy Stories)
Introduction: This is a true story, with some literary license taken, from my childhood (about 12-13 years old) when I first started cross-dressing...Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16       

Cousin Fun (True Story)   
A long story short, I was single at the time and had been for a few years by choice. I male was about 39 & my cousin female was about 18. She is a bit...Continue reading   

My First Sexual Encounter (True Story)  
When I was a boy I lived in England I was very young when I discovered that rubbing my cock brought on great feelings and hot spunk, my Uncle and Auntie...Continue reading 

Giving A Blow Job To Brother-In-Law (True Story) 
This is a true story that occurred 20 years ago. My brother-in-law and I discussed our wife’s on many occasions. Would have loved to fuck his wife Karen...Continue reading  

Little Dick But Huge Cum (True-Story)  
Like many males I used to frequent public toilets in the hopes of wanking or sucking cocks or being sucked, I wasn't really interested in anal sex as I...
Continue reading

My Biggest Orgasm (True Story)  
This story is true and not fiction it happened in December 1975. I had just separated from my wife and moved in with a beautiful blonde lady, this girl...
Continue reading  

Super Suck
True Story. Back in the early 1980s I went into a well known toilet block to search for a little sex fun, to my surprise there outside the cubical was...
Continue reading  

True Story Of My First Sexual Experience
I had no sisters so really had no idea of what a girls private parts looked like, I remember putting my hand inside a girls nickers when I was 15 but had...
Continue reading  

My Mother, My Wife (True Story)
“OH, Fuck, Fuck, UGH, I-I... You, keep goin’ I’ve never felt... OH, JACOB, FUCK ME, Make mommy cum!!! UGH, OH UH UH HUH... Ooohh I’m cumming!!!” My face was flooded in my own mother’s juices and I lapped it up like an obedient dog, knowing it wouldn’t be her last…Part 1, Part 2

Fucking My Sister (True Story)
Here was my own sister laying on a bed, naked and ready, her pussy was just inches from my face. I could smell the sweet familiar scent of her, which I come to know so well growing up. I held her down and licked her pussy until she came. She pulled my face into her pussy hard…Continue reading

Me And My Mom (True-Story)
Finally, she climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. I pushed in smoothly, reaching up and playing with her beautiful tits as I entered her. She arched her back, sighing softly. I began thrusting up into her, feeling her cunt grasping every inch of my cock…Continue reading

Family Cuckold (True Story)
“Mrs. Darnell!” He loudly gasped in alarm, no longer able to whisper. “Augh! Oh, my Godddd!  Ugggh...!” He then tightened his grip on her hair and held firmly as his body cycled through eruption after eruption of hot sperm. And hungrily she drank her reward, softly purring…Continue reading

My Story (Sex With My Son) (True-Story)
I had to get him to slow down a little and just enjoy the sensations. He slowly stroked his hot meat in and out of my pussy. I lifted my legs so my knees were almost on my chest and he could drive his cock in deeper. Jim moved around so he was kneeling near my head…Part 1, Part 2

My Brother And Our Dad (True Story)
OMG! When he suddenly engulfed my clit and held it between his lips. Then began lashing it with the tip of his tongue while fingering me, I was done! I literally lost my damn mind! “FUCK ME! (HIS NAME) OH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME! (HIS NAME) FUCK ME NOW…Part 1, Part 2

Auntie Sue (True-Story)
She was on fire and I could smell her feminine fragrance emanating from between her legs. Then I moved my face between her legs and began to kiss her hot pussy. She was soaked as I lapped my tongue up and down her slit. She was going crazy grinding her pussy in my face…Continue reading

Grand Mothers Need Sex Too (True Story)
I remember how swollen the head was just then from the intense pressure inside it. Then she slowly started to move my foreskin up and down a few times which was now turning her on even more. This stimulation was causing my cock muscles to pump and twitch uncontrollably...Continue reading

Little Sister (True-Story)
I did not know anything about a ‘clit’ in those days but I must have caught it with my tongue a few times because she started convulsing and a liquid came out of her and drenched my face. “Did you just pee?” I asked. “No I did not” she replied, “I just had an orgasm…Part 1, Part 2

I Shouldn’t Do This (True Story)
Speaking excitedly, I said, “Buddy you can’t do it to me. I’ve never before! No one’s ever touched me until you just did... oh Buddy its hurting when you shove it deep. Oh my - no; stop Buddy... Buddy you’re pushing against my virginity... we can’t! Ughhhh…Continue reading

Neighborhood Watch (True-Story)
She offered no resistance whatsoever, she just lay there and opened her legs for me and smiled slyly. That was my que. I pulled her pussy lips apart and stuck my tongue up her cunt, she gasped in pleasure. She tasted great like sweet juice but with just a hint of musk…Continue reading

Young Paradise (True Story)
Keli straddled one of my thighs and pressed her wet pussy against it, jerking her hips back and forth. Her hairless, little snatch, blushed and swelled, her lips slid easily, leaving a clear, glistening liquid against my thigh, her clit was large and hard with excitement…Continue reading

Cousin Jacqueline (True-Story)
Jaq’s eyes opened in surprise when my cock invaded her back door, but she soon closed them again as I concentrated more on pleasuring her cunt. I pushed my prick slowly in and out of her anus, letting it go just a tiny bit deeper with each thrust. Lord, her ass was tight…(Link Removed)

Her Private Stud (True Story)
“Please! Please! Please fuck my cunt!!” she kept begging until he again slipped his cock inside her she sighed, and said; “God I need your cock bad!!” He then became a little more forceful in his thrusting, and as he did he grasped her hair and pulled her head up…Continue reading

Sobering Up Mom (True-Story)
I didn’t have to open it this time, mom was getting so turned on that her cunt had opened like a flower and was dripping with nectar. I moved my fingers over her sex and found that her clit was hard and poking out of its sheath. Rubbing it gently brought more moans…Continue reading

The French Lady (True Story)
However being a virgin at the age of 22, I really did not know how a woman felt inside her pussy. I had no idea that women could feel so soft and wonderfully creamy inside her pussy like this one did. I could only think at the time that her pussy felt warm and so smooth…Continue reading

My First Time (Revenge Was Sweet) (True-Story)
I realized that as he tasted my dripping cunt he must know how incredibly horny I was. The thought of this briefly embarrassed me. Then his tongue began to dance on my clitoris and I felt electric shocks of pleasure. My grip on the poles tightened…Continue reading

True Story (Cuckold)
She was unbelievably tight, a statement about Andy’s size. As I pushed in I could feel the head of my cock splitting her cunt walls apart and forcing her pussy to stretch around me. I put her legs up against my chest and slowly worked into her, this seemed to satisfy her for about 3 seconds and then she started crying, “Put it in deeper…Continue reading

Fingered Friend’s Mom
True story, honest! I know you’ve heard that before, this one’s really true. It was a “dark and stormy night” with my best friend in the front seat, his dad driving. His mom and I crowded in back seat…Continue reading

My First Time With A Dog (True Story)
Most guys start slow and try to last a long time. They stroke slowly at first enjoying the feeling and try to hold back. Only at the end do they stroke quickly as they cum. A dog however is like a jackhammer right from the beginning. My dog was absolutely hammering my pussy. It was just rapid fire strokes. His cock was a good thickness…Continue reading

Real Mother & Son Sexual Experience (True-Story)
She kept telling me it was wrong, but at the same time she could not take her eyes off my cock and kept stroking it. I told her it was okay, that I loved her very much and she should release the feelings she has inside. Right then she just dove on my cock and took it in her mouth and started sucking it like it was going to be…Continue reading

First Time Hubby Let His Friends Use Me (True-Story)
“I cannot believe Bill is letting this guy fuck me” “Is he really going to let this guy pump his cum into me” Then I felt it, he was cumming deep inside my pussy. I could feel it; I could feel another man cumming inside me. All these guys are watching another man cum inside me. He just keeps cumming, seemed like forever…Continue reading

Unexpected (True Story)
My cock was throbbing, I couldn’t help myself, I reached down and moved her panties aside. She was so wet my cock instantly entered her. I laid there for just a few moments afraid if I moved I would come. In a brief moment of sanity I wondered if she was sleeping or pretending. Surely she couldn’t sleep through this…Continue reading

My Buddies Mom (True Story)
We never broke our embrace and our hips started co-coordinating with our thrusts, the feeling of my cock in the silky, wet warmness of her cunt, her vagina grasping my shaft in rhythm to my cocks in and out movement, her hard nipples pushed against my bare chest by her firm breasts. She reached around me pulling my body…Continue reading

Becky And Her Son (True-Story)
“Take my cock and put it in your pussy,” he said. Becky, trembling at his words, reached between them and found his pulsing cock. She moved it up and down between her wet and swollen pussy lips and gasped out a moan of pleasure. Then she put the head at the entrance of her pussy. She looked up at her son…Continue reading

The Wife’s Dare (True Story)
Alexis went back to work on my dick, jerking on it with uncoordinated movements caused by the big powerful dog’s onslaught into her pussy. She looked back towards Khan, he kept his head low as Alexis started to orgasm. “Give it to me Khan…” She loudly yelled out. Alexis shrieked a primal scream that was…Continue reading

Incest Story By A Real Mother (True-Story)
I used my hands to pull open my cunt lips wide, “Can you see where it goes? Well then, shove it in.” And my young son did the most forbidden thing possible; he slipped his prick into his mother’s cunt. As soon as it went in and his hairless balls touched me, I began to feel an orgasm coming. Billy cried out, “I’m fucking my own mother…Continue reading

My Sister In Law Beth (True-Story)
“Oh, Jeff, show me how you stroke your cock.” Beth moaned. I wrapped my hand around my cock firmly and started slowly moving up and down. Her eyes were glued to my cock and mine to her pussy. I guess she could tell by the quickening of my strokes I was perhaps rushing. “Not too fast” she said, “Enjoy it, slow it down…Continue reading

Annie’s Dad (True Story)
He took his finger from inside me, rubbed it against my lips and told me to suck on it to see how good I tasted. I took his finger in my mouth and sucked and licked it. It tasted warm and creamy, sweet and salty at the same time. He smiled at me and told me I had the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted…Continue reading

My First Time (True-Story)
He said he loved me stroking and sucking his cock, but he needed something else. He wanted to try and just put the head of it inside my pussy. I bit my lower lip thinking about that big thing going in me. I told him I would try it but I wasn’t sure if it would work because of its size. He said all we could do is try…Continue reading

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