My Drunk Mother TRUE STORY

by Anonymous (New Jersey, USA)

When I was a teenager my parents divorced. My father left Mom with six children and no child support or alimony. My dad is a real piece of crap.

Mom was having a hard time mentally and she was drinking way too much. She would always tell me how much I was like my father in looks and personality. I hated to hear that because I hated him for leaving us.

I really hated Mom when she was drunk because she wasn't the mother who raised us. She would be in the kitchen late at night drinking and dancing by herself and when I walked through the kitchen she would grab me and make me dance with her.

She would pull me tight against her boobs and tell me how much I'm like my father. Late one night I was going to the bathroom and I found Mom passed out cold drunk sleeping on the living room couch and her robe had opened up and I could clearly see her boobs and pubic hair.

I felt like I was doing something wrong looking at her nude body but I was so excited about being able to see her nude body. Mom has big dark areolas with long nipples and brown pubic hair.

Seeing her pubic hair was cool because I didn't have any pubic hair yet so seeing hers was amazing. I wasn't even interested in girls yet until that night and now all I could think about was how mom looked nude.

I tried to wake her up to go to bed but she never woke up or moved a muscle. Looking down at her nude body I slowly reached down and touched her boob and was amazed that her nipple got really hard and long while I was feeling her boob.

Then I touched her pubic hair and it was soft and fussy and that's when I realized she was slippery between her legs and I was able to put two fingers inside of her vagina while feeling her boob. This changed my whole life.

Now all I could think about was how mom looked nude. I would stay up late at night waiting for her to get so drunk she would pass out cold sleeping and I would go and feel her up.

Mom was the first grown up woman I have ever seen nude. Mom was the first grown up woman I have ever touched felt tasted and had sex with. I would suck on her nipples while fingering her and I tried eating her out.

The only time she moved I was eating her out and I was licking her vagina and I didn't know it at the time I was touching her clitoris and Mom started to moan and pushed her hips up to my face while I was eating her out.

This scared me because I thought she was waking up so I ran to my bedroom. Everytime I would touch her clitoris she would moan and push her hips up and down so I never touched her there again.

About a year later I was able to experience sex with her for the first time in my life. All of my first sexual experiences were with my drunk mother when she was so drunk she had no idea what I was doing with her. This was the greatest experience of my life. This is my real life absolutely true confession about my drunk mother.

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