Growing Up Their Was Me With Mom And Sis

By Tom (Kingfisher Ok USA)

I grew up in a small town it was just mom sis and me, dad had died at a young age and mom never remarried. We had a small apartment and mom and I shared a bed together and sis had the other bed room.

One night I got my first hard-on and mom felt it and said looks I was becoming a man. I ask if this is normal and mom said yes and it would become more so as I grew, mom ask if I knew how to take care of it, I said no, she removed my underwear and started jacking me off, I started breathing heavy as she stroked me to orgasm.

We had a long talk about sex that night mom said she had gotten horny and started to masturbate, I got another boner as I watched her fingering her clit and pussy.

I started to jack off again, seeing this got her horny, mom stopped when she saw this, spread her legs far apart and told me to get between them, grabbed my dick and inserted it into her willing hole then told me to push it all the way in.

Her jacking me off was the best ever but in no way compared to this warm and very sloppy wet pussy, yes my dick just slid into her, we only fucked a couple of minutes tell I shot my load in her (mom was on the pill).

Mom was still in bed and woke me up the next morning and ask if I liked last night, I said I had never had a better time, she said she was still horny and we could fuck again if I wanted, I was eager to oblige. This time I was to go slow and if I felt like I was going to cum to stop and let the feeling subside then start again.

Using this advice I was able last maybe 15 minutes, mom was well satisfied she said. We continued our sessions almost every night. We would wait tell my sister was asleep to do this, but sisters some times wake up, hear noises and go to investigate as did with her. Watching for a while she came and ask what we were doing.

Mom simply told we were doing some older people game playing and she could watch if she wanted which she did. This ended our hiding and started an open encounter any time. Sis would watch now and again, she really enjoyed watching mom jacking me off and sucking my dick.

After a few weeks sis ask if she could feel my dick, mom had her get on the bed took her hand and helped to stroke it, this really turned me on. Within a month sis got good at this, we would get home and do this almost daily.

As time went on sis wanted to fuck but mom told her she need to wait. Within a couple of years she started her period, three or four days later mom brought her to the bedroom naked told me I could fuck her now.

Mom showed her how to put a condom on me (mom got her on the pill later, I hated using a condom) had her lay on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, mom told me to go slow entering her.

Mom applied lube to her pussy as it would be quite tight,very much tighter than mom, I started the head in the lube really helped well, it took a few minutes but managed to fully penetrate her, very tight and extremely warm little pussy, sis liked this and there was a small amount of blood, couldn't fuck her for a few days, she was very sore.

Mom died a few years ago, me and sis are each married but manage to get together once on twice a year, go about 30 miles to the city for a day to our selves in a motel. We were just an average well adjusted family who liked fucking very much.

Nobody in our town ever knew, my wife and her husband have no clue.

(This is a very true story)

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