Cousin Fun

by Wayne (Birmingham, UK)

A long story short, I was single at the time and had been for a few years by choice. I male was about 39 & my cousin female was about 18. She is a bit of a free spirit type and a bit wild/wacky in a good way.

She is slightly older looking for her age. She has always been awesome in all ways in my eye. Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, great figure too, great dress sense.

I knew she liked to have a little drink at times as I caught her with some of mine a couple of times. I got to a point I was crazy with lust for her and to try my luck as we was always very close.

One weekend she stayed over and we had a little drink while watching a film home alone together. After the film finished she renewed our drinks. She knew I wasn't a drinker.

I said we should have a laff and play a game of some sort. I remembered I had twister somewhere. We had started off well at first but after 2 games and more drink it got too hard and so was I ;). Not sure if she knew I was horny but I did.

I said let's try something less exhausting & decided to get out a pack of cards. Neither of us really knew how to play card games so snap it was.

We were both having such a laff all night and snap is a tense & frustrating game lol. After a couple of games & a few drinks later, it must have been around 1am. Out the blue I said shall we have a laff & play strip snap.

My heart flew out my chest when she said Ye ok. We were both dresses normal so to speak sock, trousers, underwear, t-shirt etc so an even start.

At first it was even & both sat in t-shirts & trousers, so from now on it was show body parts time if either person lost. As you can imagine I was eager to get naked myself & show her my big hard dick or see her naked if she would do it.

Boom I lost so t-shirt off, she laff saying haha your gonna lose and have to strip of. We carried on, she lost next thank god so her t-shirt of time I thought, she took jewelry off lol, damn I forgot about that, ok I said I let you off.

We carried on I lost so trousers of time she said. I stayed sat on floor opposite her and slid out my jeans. Damn I said as she laffed again with me now sat in my boxer shorts.

I thought that's it I'm not losing again just yet, next round I won, I said come on shirt of, ok she said. Wow I thought great bra and Mmmmmmmmm great tits, next game yes I won again, trousers time I told her. Slowly she took them off.

Wow wow wow vary sexy, I couldn't wait to see it all naked. We knew this is it whoever loses next is pretty much naked fully in front of each other.

Eeeeeeerm I lost, yes she said, I said do I have to, you don't have to she said as if to say chicken, so as we were talking I slipped my boxers off, she now saw my Dick in full hard view.

She said I didn't think you would do it for real. So be it I said, I then said could she take her bra of as she has seen me, after a few minutes she said ok then to make it fair.

She slowly popped her bra off & wow I said out loud. What she said, I told her how hot she is and her body is awesome. I told her she should model or do adult work.

We then got our underwear back on and got another drink. I went upstairs to lie on my bed and have a quick wank due to being mega horny.

She called me a few times and I told her to come up, she said no she will wait for me as I think she knew I was wanking in bed or calling her up to end up fucking her.

Eventually she came up and slowly entered my room. Then she saw me on my bed hand cuffed by myself and the key in my thong.

I told her where the key is and I'd pay her to get it for me, no she said, I told her I'd pay her £20, after a few minutes she said ok.

She had to move my hard cock to one side then lift my balls up to get the key. After she moved my balls they were left hanging out.

I then asked her if she would wank my Dick for £40, she said no way, I said you already seen my Dick and touched it, after a bit of talking she said ok but not for long.

Then she put her hand round the middle of my Dick and started wanking me slowly. I felt myself wanting to cum after only 5 mins. I told her I was about to cum but to let me put a condom on first to cum in.

She knew I wanted to cum asap and I told her I was about to cum and don't stop. When I started to cum she let go but I asked her to carry on which thank god she did till I finished pumping my cum. I was exhausted after cumming, wow wow wow it was an awsome night.

Very true story.

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