Carol, My Wife: Part 2

by Rocky (Florida)

I couldn’t remember all the crazy sex my wife, Carol and I had over the years but here are some more stories. We would wait for a rainy night and head out to either the xrated movie theater or store. Carol would put on this little raincoat and be naked underneath.

If we went to an xrated theater we would look for and older man white or black and we would sit a couple of seats from them. We would watch the movie and I would unzip Carol’s raincoat and expose her naked body, especially her big tits to the man sitting next to us.

I would start by sucking her big tits and fingering her pussy. I would always wear jogging pants and no underwear so Carol would have easy access to my big cock. She’s was saying in a voice that the man could hear, do you want to fuck me in front of this stranger. I tell her you know I do. She would suck my cock I’d be rock hard and I’d bend her over and fuck her doggy.

The men would never attempt to touch her they would just watch and jerkoff. She’d cum then I would also and she kept a bunch of towels in the pockets of her coat to clean herself up. She’d take my cock in her mouth and suck me dry and she would be looking at the old man at the same time.

When we would go to the xrated store we would go in a booth together and we watch a movie and I’d fuck Carol again doggy. She would talk dirty and she was loud so the men on either side of us could hear. They had glory holes on both wall so a woman or a man could both suck and be fucked at the same time. Two cocks came out of the holes and men would whistle for you to look at their cocks.

Some would actually beg Carol to do something. I suppose they saw us enter the booth and thought Carol would play along. When we were home we both loved porn. We both loved interracial movies. We would watch the whole movie and just lay there, but when the movie was over I fucked her like an animal and she loved it. She said Rocky surprise me and buy me a big black rubber dildo on your way home.

I would pass plenty of stores so one day I pulled over and went inside. A couple of weeks ago we watched this one video when a man fucked this hot blonde with a strap on horse cock dildo. I bought a twelve inch cock and the horse dildo, which it also cums and went home. I didn’t want Carol to see either so when she went to shower and get ready to be fucked, I placed the black cock on a platform we have with mirrors and the horse cock I hid in the closet.

She comes out the shower and says oh Rocky now I’m happy. She tells me to put this movie on where a white husband and wife are fucking outside and a black man joins in. Carol andI have watched this movie many times and I’ve asked her do you get excited watching a black man fuck his wife. She said it made her so wet and horny.

So while she’s sucking on her new black toy and making it wet I’m working her pussy with my fingers. Carol is now soaked and I know she wants to fuck that big black cock. She gets on top and guides it into her pussy screaming yes black man fuck me with your big black cock. The husband now leaves the wife and the black guy is fucking the pants off her and Carol says that’s right make me cum.

I see the dildo is all white with Carol’s cum and she looks at me and says I’m cumming and she has all twelve inches inside her. She sits there awhile and then she raises up and that big black cock plops out her pussy. She says he told me to clean him off which she does and I get behind her and sink my big cock into her.

OMG yes Rocky fuck me and now it’s my turn to have some fun. I ask her should I find a black man for you and she says you already did talking about the black dildo. Maybe in the back of my head I wanted her to say yes but I’m glad she didn’t. She says Rocky all I need is your cock no one else’s. I give her a big kiss and and shoot a big load of cum inside her.

I told her to close her eyes I had a surprise for her and she said ok enough with the surprises. I put some warm milk in the strap on horses cock and I strapped it on and I was ready for action. I got behind Carol and smacked her pussy with it and she turned around and said what do you think your going to do with that thing. I said the horse wants to fuck you and put the head inside her.

She went nuts screaming fuck me horse fuck me. The cock had to be at least twenty inches long and she tried to take it all getting at least 14” inside her. She kept ramming that cock and screaming all types of shit. She was cumming and I think it was about time I gave her a third surprise and I pushed this little bottle and out poured horse cum. It flooded her pussy and a lot was pouring out of her. I asked her if she planned to also clean off the horse cock and she did.

She gave me this huge kiss and said this is why I love you so much. Her favorite though was that black cock. I would lick and suck her pussy and she could cum a half a dozen times before she would ask me to stop. Now when we went to the nice beach and saw a well hung black guy I would say to her wouldn’t you line that cock inside you. Carol would look at me and say your cock is all I need.

There was another time when she was at my condo and she cane out the shower in a blue Budweiser shirt unbuttoned tied at the waist, a blue thong and blue pumps. She said to me you like this outfit. I fucked the shit out of her and every time she took another shower and came outside again with that outfit on, I fucked her again this happened four times in a row.

Then she would take her pumps off and go by the door and say if you can catch me you can fuck me, open the door and run. She wouldn’t get down the steps and my cock would be as hard as a rock so I fucked her on the steps. We both loved to fuck there. Another time she laid plastic down on the tile and said did you ever have a hot oil massage I said no.

She warmed up some oil, we both stripped and she started to massage me. I was laying on my stomach and she was pouring oil on my ass crack and massaging my balls. I said to her Carol I have to roll over and my cock was huge. She laughed and said oh my big boy and put oil on my cock and started to stroke it. I was going crazy then she lays down on her back and says ok Rocky my turn.

I put oil on her huge tits and start to rub them. Carol let’s out a moan so I know she’s enjoying it and then I put some on her pussy and put two fingers inside her. She jumps up that’s enough lays down spreads her legs and says fuck me Rocky, which is what I do. The massages are now at least once a week always followed by some hot and heavy fucking.

When I was working sometimes I had to travel. Carol would make me videos of her playing with and fucking herself with a toy and say this is what’s waiting for you when you get home. I jerked off a lot to those videos.

When I came home she’s be at the door naked and was ready to fuck so I indulged her. Carol would always ask me if I was happy just having sex with her and I answered don’t never stop. She could be sick as a dog and if I want to fuck she’s ready. What more could a man ask for.

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