My Bully Named Jamal: Part 2.1

by Anonymous

See previous "My Bully Named Jamal" stories to understand the whole series.

Continued from Part 2.0; Face fucking

Jamal would slowly increase both the speed and depth of his thrusts into mother's greedy mouth. Mother would be completely unable to control her saliva and spittle, flowing freely from her mouth, once the face fucking reached full tempo.

As the face fucking progressed, mother would simultaneously pinch one of her large nipple, while furiously rubbing her greedy, redheaded cock hole and erect clitoris, all while on full display of our neighbors.

Mother and Jamal would usually climax simultaneously, while engaged in throat fucking, as the first thick ropes of scalding hot black sperm would rocket into mother's gullet, causing her to have a massive multi-orgasmic release.

Jamal would only allow mother a few minutes to swallow the days first heavy load and for her to compose herself, before placing her into a doggie ass up position on the dinette.

The doggie ass up position would allow the neighbors a perfect, unobstructed view of mother's huge, porcelain white ass and pink puckered redheaded anus. Jamal would attach a thick 15 inch black dildo to the dinette table, using the attached suction cup.

Mother would then immediately mount the enormous rubber cock with her now desperate and needy redheaded fuck hole. Mother would then begin loud whimpering and moaning like a bitch in heat, completely forgetting about the neighbors, self absorbed in her pent up Negro lust.

Jamal would occasionally open the sliding glass door so the neighbors could both see, hear and probably smell the filthy interracial, mommy slut in action.

Jamal would now implore mother to spread her huge ass cheeks, with her perfectly manicured hands, as she aggressively rode the giant rubber cock buried in her sopping wet cunt hole. Jamal would watch proudly as he drank his morning coffee.

After finishing his coffee, Jamal would instruct mother to suck and polish the rubber cock clean of her cunt juices and cunt cream, which completely coated the dildo from top to base.

Mother's sex show would bring Jamal's massive member back to life. Jamal would then place a cock ring at the base of his now rigid erection, causing his huge black cock to swell into an even larger, more angry looking venous weapon of ass destruction.

Jamal rubbed his massive, now swollen member over mother's pleading face. Mother began to beg and whimper for Jamal to butt fuck her.

Jamal made mother beg repeatedly and loudly for a dirty butt fuck, for all to hear. Jamal inconsiderately stroked his steel hard cock, between mother plump porcelain white ass cheeks, creating more and more tension with each cruel stroke.

Finally, after prolonged torment, anticipation and pleading from mother, Jamal would locate mother's "most private" hole, her puckered pink, redheaded knot. Jamal recorded all of the filthy action with my GoPro action camera, worn on a waist belt.

The GoPro camera would show the close up struggle, mother would encounter, desperately attempting to accept Jamal's now harder, fatter and angrier African cock into her tender pink anus.

It would first appear, that the swollen, thick, vein y, member had absolutely no chance to penetrate mother's tight puckered knot. But, Jamal was relentless in his quest, pushing hard, even harder and even harder still, past mother's restrictive sphincter ring, to find his rightful place, buried balls deep into mom's air tight , white butt hole.

In order to achieve absolute maximum penetration, Jamal would order mother to "spread those fat ass cheeks, you butt fucking slut".

Mother released all of her built up butt fucking desires and anal anticipation, with a series of guttural groans and animalistic moans, coupled with contorted facial expressions.

Mother fully acknowledged, only this type of raw, unrestrictive butt fucking by a big aggressive Negro, would ever completely and totally satisfy her filthy desires again. She was completely obsessed, "hook line and sinker". Nothing else mattered and time stood still.

To be continued...

stay tuned for Part 2.2

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