My Bully Named Jamal

by Anonymous

My name is Paul and I am an 18 year old freshman in college. I would be described as a computer nerd and science geek by both friends and family. I still live at home with my hot 46 year old., milf mother named Marie. My mother is a divorced, ex-showgirl, dancer and cheerleader.

My mother stands 5'8"tall, has long auburn hair, 36DD torpedo tits, small waist, big hips and large bubble but. My mother has long, strong, very shapely legs from years of dancing and teaching Pilates and Yoga. Facially, many people tell my mom, she closely resembles Sophia Vergara. I've heard friends and complete strangers say out loud, that my mother was "built for fucking" and I have come to accept the comments and stares she receives.

I applied for a part time job at school, tutoring student athletes in math and physics. One of the athletes I was assigned to, is named Jamal. Jamal is a black,muscular, 6'5" multi-sport athlete, who is also a very poor student. Jamal sized me up immediately and basically told me I would need to make certain he passed his classes. I quickly realized, that I would be doing all of his work and take home tests.

Jamal would insist on me having the homework and tests available on command. This past fall, Jamal found out where I live and dropped in uninvited to our home to pick up a take home test. My mother answered the door dressed in a tight business suit, that revealed her huge torpedo tits and enormous ass. My mother invited Jamal in and offered him a soda.

Jamal chatted my mom up with the typical flirtatious bullshit and stared at mom's tits and ass each time she got up. I noticed my mother nervously transfixed on Jamal's giant erection in his warm up pants. Jamal was forced to leave because he had practice and his teammates were waiting outside. Jamal sent me a text. saying he would be "studying" at my house from now on, because he was falling behind at school The following week, Jamal stopped by our home to study four times and repeated this scheduled for the remainder of the term.

Very little studying happened, just lots more chatting with mom and lustful stares from Jamal. After the sixth week, I told Jamal he would never talk my mother into dating. Jamal grabbed by the throat lifting me off the ground, yelling at me, saying I was a little white racist pussy, because I didn't think he was "good enough" for my mom. He told me point blank, that he would "turn mom"s big white ass, into his private cum dump". He told me he would dress mom like a slut, fill her mouth cunt, ass cunt and cunt cunt with black cum daily and that she would beg to suck and fuck him and his friends. I could see in Jamal's eyes he meant it.

I told my mom, Jamal was dangerous and should not answer the door when he came by and to avoid him completely. She told me he seemed harmless and just blew me off. The following week I could see Jamal's car parked in the driveway, when I came home, which was hours before our tutoring time. When I walked in, Jamal and mom had beers in their hands and i could smell weed in the air. Mom looked buzzed and her normally flawless hair and make up looked disheveled. I walked past both of them and went directly into my room.

As I passed by my mothers room I could see bedding on the floor and when I entered in her room a few steps, I could distinctly smell raw sex, a combination of sweat, Channel #5 and hot redheaded mommy cunt. When I used the bathroom I found a huge just used condom in the trash, filled with semen and covered in mother's excrement. I couldn't believe, Jamal had turned my mother into his private cum dump and had obviously butt fucked my mother's big white ass, just as he said he would do.

I was way too embarrassed to confront my mom, figuring she was a grown woman anyway. The next morning at school I opened my laptop and found out Jamal had secretly loaded a video clip of my mother sucking him off, with her hands tied behind her back. The video clip was from the day before and showed my mother face fucked by Jamal's huge, thick, vein y black cock.

Jamal's enormous, thick cock stretched mother's mouth making her gag and causing saliva to hang from her well fucked mouth. The saliva hung in giant ropes from her mouth, landing on her big torpedo tits. The video clip then showed Jamal mounting my mothers face, while she laid on the edge of her bed, as Jamal turned her mouth into a cunt, just as he said he would do.

Jamal ordered my slutty, submissive, whore mother into a ass up doggy position, where she could still spread her fat white ass cheeks, with her hands tied behind her back, Mother's perfectly groomed finger nails framed her large porcelain white,large flawless ass, allowing Jamal maximum penetration into her most private hole. Jamal immediately pushed into mom's now steaming, redheaded fire crotch, with each stroke, making mom moan like a bitch in heat.

Jamal showed close up footage of him pushing balls deep into mom's greedy cunt, her juices flowing like a mountain spring. Jamal had my mother count the strokes into her steaming hot cunt, Every 30 long, hard pussy stretching strokes Jamal made mom suck him clean for 15 strokes, so she could taste her own "sugar pussy". Jamal put on a condom and made my mother beg for his "big black fuck stick up her dirty shit hole".

My mother began to beg Jamal to stretch her shit hole, just like he said he would do, Jamal made her wait, just rubbing the head of his enormous black cock head against her red headed rose bud, while she continued to beg. Finally, Jamal spit on mom's dirty hole and shoved balls deep into mom's upturned ass. Mom intermediately yelled out in a combination of pain and pleasure, while squirting copious amounts of vintage cunt juice, with each anal thrust, causing Jamal to chuckle.

Jamal used the same technique of having mother count the 30 strokes in her ass, followed by the 15 strokes in her mouth, so she savor the taste of her "spicy shit chute". Jamal eventually let out a primal grunt and exploded into the condom, buried deep in mom's asshole. The video clip finishes with mom licking all of her fuck sauce off of Jamal's semi flaccid cock and giant black balls.

The ball licking caused Jamal to get erect again, with him eventually shooting a huge load of scalding hot semen on mom's face and hair, which explained mom's messy hair and make up from the following day.

I left school and raced home. I entered mom's now empty bedroom and could still smell mother's hot cunt, Channel #5 and filthy anal sex. I played the video clip again, before mom got home and must have jerked off 15 times. I avoided mom for several days afterward. To be continued...

True Story with much more to cum

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