Carol, My Wife

by Rocky (Florida)

I recently wrote a story on here about a woman named Karen and all the great sex we had. I’m now going to tell you about the woman, Carol I left her for. We had a club in town and was there mostly every Friday and Saturday night, unless I had a date. One Friday night, I pull-up on my Harley and I park it right in front. I have on a beige suit with a buttoned shirt, no tie. I walk in and I knew the owners, the bouncers and the bartenders. I guess you could say I knew everyone.

I walk past this table and there are six women sitting there. One of them grabs my hand so I look at her say hello and keep walking. I was married twice before so I wasn’t looking for a wife. I meet up with my friends and they say that woman with the blonde hair who grabbed your hand is gaga over you. I laugh and say your crazy. I try not to look over at her but.she is staring at me.

Most men like to look around first. Well next weekend is Memorial Day weekend , the start of the summer, so I definitely don’t want to start something I won’t finish. I’m down the shore and I own a condo on the beach and a go fast boat. My men like me live for the summer. Ok now we fast forward three years go by and I’ve seen Carol in bars all over the place. She’s walk in and I’d walk out. I just didn’t like her.

I don’t see Carol for a month and then one night she walks into the club with this skin tight brown dress and and these huge fake tits. I couldn’t stop staring at her and she sees me and she waves. I see a guy trying to talk to her with a champagne bottle in his hand. He must’ve said something bad to her so she walks away. He throws the bottle of champagne and hits her right in the back. I jump over the bar grab him by the ponytail and drag him out the back spot of the club.

When I was finished my whole suit was covered in blood. Carol watched what I did and pulled up to me and said the cops are coming get in. My new suit was ruined but I couldn’t stand there and let this asshole get away with this. I throw my keys to my bike to the bouncer and one of the owners lived on the property so they put my bike in his garage. Carol asked me did you kill him and I answered I really don’t know.

We go to her apartment and we go inside. Now mind you I have no clothes only the bloody one I’m wearing. Carol undresses me and she said I always wondered what you looked like naked. My big cock is at attention and she can’t keep her eyes off it. I take a shower we put my clothes in a garbage bag so now I guess I’m spending the night. I said to Carol I’ll sleep on the couch and she said oh no you won’t I finally have you alone you’ll sleep with me.

She goes in the bathroom and comes out with this tiger print bra and thong on. Her tits were huge and she asks Rocky do you like them. I said I love them. She gets in bed with me and she grabs my cock. She looks at me and says Rocky I’ve waited for this for so long and she puts my cock in her mouth. I said to her Carol I’m not the hero you think I am and she says to me you are. I guess I can’t argue with a woman I’m about to fuck the shit out of.

My cock is rock hard so I take off her bra and start to suck her big brown nipples. She asks me Rocky you like my store bought tits and I tell her I love them. I lay her down on the bed and I take off her thong she looks at me and says I loved you since the first time I saw you. No one has ever said that to me. I bury my face in her pussy sucking and licking and using my fingers and she cums all over the place. I climb on top of her and sink my cock inside her all the way to my balls. She grabs my face and says fuck me Rocky which I did. She made me so fucking horny I fucked her in different positions all through the night.

I’m glad it’s a Saturday night and no work tomorrow I might just spend the weekend with her fucking her. We both cum many times and she says ok I had enough and we fall asleep holding each other. We’ve fucked everywhere you can think of plane, theater, bar, beach, everywhere. She takes care of me like I if her and she’ll defend me to the end so I had to make her my wife.

We’ve been married for awhile now but the sex is still as great as it was when we first met. Carol will cook me dinner and I’ll say what no dessert and she drop her robe lay in the table spread her legs and say dessert is served. I ran a very profitable business and it was time to leave. I sold the business, condo and our home and moved to Florida and we’re in walking distance of a nude beach. Carol and I have done it many times before and fucking at every beach we visited.

We walk to the beach, both Carol and I are in great shape we lay our blanket down and start to put lotion on each other. Carol likes to sit far away from the water and I never asked her why, I knew why. When we walked to the water most men were staring at her tits and the women my cock. We go about waist deep in the water and Carol grabs my cock and she says I saw all the women staring this is my cock. I’m rock hard and she climbs on me lowering herself on my cock. She wraps her legs around me and we fuck right in the ocean with people around.

Every time we fuck it only gets better. We both cum as I cum inside her and we go back to the blanket. I put my hand on her pussy and she laughs and says you want to fuck me again. She grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth and she starts to suck it. I never came from a blowjob until I met Carol. She told me one time I’m Jewish and Jewish women suck the best cock. No argument from me. I’m rock hard again and she climbs on top of me again riding my cock.

She says yes Rocky fuck me in front of all these people and there was a little crowd forming around us. Most we older people but all were in good shape. She again screams fuck me Rocky make me cum. An older man says that’s right Rocky fuck that hot piece of ass. I tell him watch your mouth this is my wife. He says oh I’m sorry I wish I had a wife who looked and did what she’s doing.

Carol cums all over my cock and I cum deep inside her. She jumps off me and swallows the rest of my cum. We lay there and now there is a group laying all around us. We stay pack up and leave after a couple of hours because I want to fuck Carol by the pool. We’re walking home and I ask her did it turn you on letting people watch us she says sure it you and I tell her what do you think.

I tell her I don’t want you going there alone and she looks at me and says I’m a big girl a I can take care of myself, then she says I’m only kidding. We do mostly everything naked here. We sit on our terrace which is smack on the beach and people walk by and wave, some stare. Carol asks me Rocky if there is anybody you would like to have sex with you would tell me.

I look at her and say you waited so long for me and you’re not only my wife you’re my best friend. Carol get up and says awww and she walks toward the sliding glass doors, she turns winks at me and shakes her ass. I know what that means I’m about to get laid. This is why I married Carol and not Karen. Both love to fuck but Carol took my heart. TRUE STORY

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