Hubby’s Helpers

by Carol (Florida)

My hubby Jimmy says to me Carol the boys are coming over for a barbecue and to swim in the pool. Jimmy tells me he’s leaving to pick up the boys and he’ll be back. It’s an hour round trip so I take a shower put on a top and short and I wait for the boys.

I hear them in the backyard so I go outside to say hello. The boys say hi and one bought his older brother, Ibn. He says thank you for having me, Carol and he’s staring at my big tits. I feel a little uncomfortable. Jimmy says I’m going to pickup the food and he kisses me goodbye.

He leaves and the boys had their shorts on and they all jump in the pool. Ibn says Carol go put your bikini on. I say you guys enjoy yourselves. A song comes on and all the boys jump out the pool and start to dance. They say cmon Carol dance with us. I say ok, a big mistake.

We start to dance and the boys are grinding up against me. Ibn is behind me and he’s trying to pull me close to him. He pulls me close and starts to rub my butt. I smack his hand and again he says cmon put your bikini on. I tell him no and I’m glad Jimmy is back. The boys help him with the food, but Ibn is still telling me to put on my bikini.

Jimmy says he’s not feeling well and goes in the house. The boys say please Carol swim with us. I say ok go in the house and go in the change room. I’m naked putting on my bikini when I turn around and Ibn is standing there licking his lips. I tell him leave right now and he says I’m not.

I have 34dd tits and he tries to grab them. I smack him across the face and the boys here all the commotion and they come inside. I have my bottom on but my top is hanging off me and my big tits are exposed. They ask me what’s going on staring at my tits and they see my hand print on Ibn’s face so they know what happened. I tell Ibn keep it up and I’m going to get Jimmy. The boys say Carol no it will be ok. I say ok now be gentlemen and I tie my top and go outside.

Another song comes on and we start dancing again. The boys keep their distance, but not Ibn. He gets in front of me grabs my hips and starts to grind me. I can feel his cock and its huge. We keep grinding and the boys now have me in a circle. Thank god the song ends.

The boys jump in the pool and Ibn grabs my hand and we jump in the pool. Ibn can’t swim so I stay in the deep end. He says Carol why don’t you come over here. I say no thanks and I stay put. Ibn climbs out the pool and he tries to grab me by the hair but he missed. He says so your playing hard to get. I look at him and say get what.

The boys are all laughing but now it’s time to cook so I have to get out. Ibn unties my top and my big tits are exposed again. Ibn has my top and running around the pool with it. I cook for the boys topless. Now they’re all staring at my tits and Ibn gives me my top back I tell him to keep it. The boys eat and now it’s time to get back into the pool.

Ibn says everybody get naked and pulls his shorts off. His cock hang down to his knee. He grabs it and jumps in the pool. I’m shocked and so are the boys. I’m topless but my bottom is staying on. Ibn is trying to get me in the low end saying cmon guys stay here with me. He tells the boys I need you guys to go to the store for me. The boys get out the pool put their sneakers on Ibn is standing there naked as he gives the boys money and they leave.

I say why did you do that and he says so I can be alone with you. Now it’s my turn, I squeeze my big tits and say is this what you want. He says don’t tease me and I say your not getting it. I’m not paying attention as Ibn grabs my arm and pulls me toward him. His other hand he’s pulling off my bottom. I’m trying to fight him, but he’s too strong and off come my bottoms.

He pushes me to the side off the pool and his cock is gigantic. He’s rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy as I’m still trying to get away and I feel his cock enter me. I tell him what do you think your doing and he looks at me and says I’m going to fuck you as he slams his huge cock inside me. He says Carol don’t fight me fuck me. I guess he’s right and I turn to him and say yes Ibn fuck me.

He’s slamming my pussy now and I’m moaning as I feel his cock deep inside me. I cum all over his young black cock and he cums deep inside me. I can’t believe I let this happen but I enjoyed it and it felt good. I put my bikini back on and Ibn puts his shorts on and the boys come back. Jimmy comes outside and says ok guys you ready to go home.

Ibn says he doesn’t feel good and can he stay. Jimmy asks me and I say it’s ok. The boys and Jimmy leave and Ibn is all over me. He unties my top and starts to suck my big nipples. He takes my bottoms off and picks me up and carries me into the house. He says I’m going to fuck you where Jimmy does. I tell him no we don’t have enough time.

He says get a blanket and lay it down because if you want my cock it’s in your bed. I do what I’m told and Ibn lays me on the blanket and he starts to lick and suck my pussy. He puts his fingers inside me and I tell him I want your cock Ibn. He puts the head inside me and it slips inside my wet pussy. I scream fuck me Ibn.

He pulls his cock out of me and says beg me for my cock. I’ll do anything you want and he rolls me over and says I want your ass. No Ibn your cock is to big and he slaps my sss and I feel the head enter me. He puts it in halfway and I turn and say fuck my ass. He pushes the rest of his cock in my ass and begins to fuck me. Ibn cums in my ass and puts his cock in my mouth. I clean it and suck it dry.

I jump in the shower, Ibn goes downstairs and now Jimmy’s home. Jimmy kisses me and says I’m going to bed. I put my robe on and go downstairs to look for Ibn. He’s watching tv and using my bikini bottoms to jerkoff with. I laugh untie my robe grab my bikini bottoms and grab his cock and start to ride him. I can’t believe I want his cock.

I’m riding him and he’s playing with my tits. I know he’s going to cum and I’ve already came twice so I climb off his cock. He says what are you doing I tell him cum in my mouth just in case Jimmy wants to fuck me. Ibn says I don’t want you fucking him. I laugh and says he’s my husband so if he wants to fuck me he can. He grabs my arm and says listen bitch you do as I say.

I tell him ok I won’t. I go upstairs and Jimmy is sleeping so I take my robe off and climb into bed not wanting to wake him. I don’t her Jimmy leave. I’m naked and I open the door and Ibn is standing there with a huge hard ok. I said what are you still doing her. He said I told Jimmy one of my friends to take me home. Now I can fuck you all day. He picks me and lowers me on his cock. I tell him fuck me Ibn and he slamming me down on his cock.

He brings me to the bed lays me down and I’m going to be fucked over and over today. I can’t count how many times we fucked or how many times I came, but now it’s time for him to leave. His friend pulls up I have my robe on Ibn grabs me kisses me and untied my robe so his friend could see me naked.

I grab my robe and tie it and Ibn says lose the robe so my friend can see you naked. I said no don’t make me. He grabs me and tells me do you want my cock again and I say yes, he says drop the tone so my friend can see what I’m hitting. I untie my robe and let it fall to the ground his friend looks at me and say damn your tapping that. Ibn says yes I fucked her all day.

Ibn says pick your robe up and put it back on and I do as I’m told. Ibn grabs me kisses me and says I know where you live now and I’m going to come here and fuck you anytime I like. I tell him yes fuck me whenever you want to. Ibn leaves and I go inside wondering when he’ll be back to fuck me. I already miss his cock. TRUE STORY.

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