My Bully Named Jamal: Part 2.0

by Anonymous

Please read the original My Bully Named Jamal to fully understand part 2.

This whole crazy saga began last November 2019 and continues to this day.

Jamal began openly "dating" my mother Marie, in early November of 2019. My mother completely changed her normal routine, schedule and appearance to accommodate Jamal and his dirty games. I would hear my mother waking at 4:00am to bathe and doll herself up with slutty make up, eye glitter, eyelashes and flawless hair.

I found out later, mother would get ready for her day with cleansing enemas to prepare her shapely, heavy white ass for the obligatory aggressive butt fucking and ass to mouth to follow. Jamal would begin mothers "slut training" daily at 6:45am, when I left for school.

Jamal would always record the training sessions to view and critique later and to allow him to humiliate me with proof, that my mother was now addicted to his big black cock and would do absolutely anything he asked of her.

A typical "slut training" session would begin with my mother wearing a completely sheer baby doll negligee, stockings garters, cut away bras and crotchless panties or pantyhose and high heeled pumps. The training outfits would only barely contain mother's amazing 36DD tits and big plump ass.

It was obvious mother was extremely aroused by the training outfits, evidenced by the large wet area in her panties. Jamal would tell my mother "sluts go crotchless, while whores wear nothing". For mom, it was clear she was Jamal's compliant slut.

Jamal would start the initial training sessions, by having mother lay face up on our kitchen dinette. The dinette table was situated directly in front of a sliding glass door, leading to a redwood balcony, outside of our kitchen. The kitchen was located on the second floor of our home, in direct view of 8 to 10 neighbors.

In the beginning, my mother would beg and plead with Jamal not to expose herself to our neighbors, while training, but Jamal would tell her it was important to show the neighbors what a closet slut she truly was (and they would eventually find out anyway).

My mother would be splayed out on the dinette, legs and feet facing the sliding glass door. Jamal would continue to implore mom to open her thick thighs wider "wider, wider, wider" he would demand. Years of Pilates and Yoga training allowed her mother much greater flexibility, than most milf's blessed with thick thighs and heavy asses.

This extreme flexibility created the absolute maximum exposure of mother's most private regions. Mother's sopping wet cunt was now on full display for any early rising neighbors. Her redheaded fire crotch would arch skyward as Jamal thrust three of his large fingers deep into mother's steaming hot cock hole.

Jamal would then withdrawal his fingers out of mom's slippery wet pussy to insert into her mouth. Mother tasting her own hot, musky, sticky sex caused her to produce even more cunt cream, like a perpetual fuck machine.

Jamal would eventually replace the cum covered fingers in mother's mouth with his thick, vein, black cock, all while continuing to smear the juices from her hot hole all over her neck and face. Jamal was insistent, that mother should not only dress and act like a slut, but should also smell like a slut for all to enjoy.

Jamal would eventually mount mother's face and begin a steady and committed face fuck/throat fuck. Jamal would often place mother's cum soaked panties over her face prior to a face fucking session, just to make it clear her mouth was now a cunt and to allow mother to savior the intoxicating aroma of her own hot, musky fuck hole.

At times Jamal would create the ultimate "aroma therapy" session for mom by wrapping her panties or pantyhose around his fat cock and then shoving them into mom's juicy twat, before placing them over her face.

In the beginning, my mother would struggle desperately to catch her breathe, trying to prevent getting choked unconscious by Jamal's aggressive face fucking. The sight of mother's bugged out and watering eyes, along with the sounds of her gasping, choking and slurping were both indescribable and unworldly.

Sometimes Jamal would display a bit of compassion and allow mother to just lick his heavy sperm laden testicles, allowing her to catch her breath temporarily, while aiding her in her mission to coax the huge "mother load" of semen reward, that Marie desperately craved.

Although, it was much more typical for Jamal to be completely focused on his own pleasure, with no regard whatsoever to mother's struggle to breathe. Jamal knew from past experience, that new sluts will struggle at first, before becoming accustomed to the aggressive face and throat fucking.

To be continued...

Stay tuned for My Bully Named Jamal - part 2.1

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