Laundry Day With My Daughter

By Calvin (Southern Indiana)

This is a true story it happened on a Friday morning my 24 year old daughter was living with me after a bad breakup with a jerk BF, on Friday morning she came to my room and asked me to help with the mound of laundry piling up.

She wanted to separate it and go to the laundromat I said OK just bring it in here and put it on my bed and I'll help she did so as we were sorting out whites and darks I started seeing her bras & panties emerge from the pile.

I was kinda getting a bone just looking at them & visualizing her in them I reach for a couple pair and put them in the pile then I grabbed a pair or her stretch pants there were panties tangled in them.

I pulled them apart and without thinking put them to my nose and could smell her sweet puss on them this just made my dick harder, and my daughter said "dad what are you doing?

I just said sorry I couldn't help it she asked me if they smelled good I replied hell yes they smell like a sweet pussy, she looked at me and said does it turn you on I sniffed them again & said absolutely!

She was embarrassed at first and was silent for a minute got up went to the bath room and came back out with a pair of yellow flowered panties in her hand and gave them to me and said here these are fresh off.

I was shocked & throbbing hard I put them to my face and found the crotch of them and sucked them into my mouth she gasped & said OMG dad you have a hardon? I shook my head and said yes.

She asked to see it so I pulled my shorts down and there she was just looking intently and smiled at me and said my dick was bigger than she imagined.

I replied oh you've imagined me naked she laughed and said a few times dad I get horny too, Then she grabs it starts playing with it and then stands up pulls off her clothes and said I want it and she pushed me down sucked on my dick for a minute it's all I could do to not blow my wadd on her mouth.

She climbed on top of me and put it to her pussy and slid it all the way in and just started riding me I was in heaven when she cried out I'm gonna cum that was all I needed to hear and we both hit our climax together.

I swear I came so much more than I ever had before and all of it was inside my daughters pussy she was exhausted and just laid on top of me for a minute and said thanks dad I really needed that I said me too!

And from that day on we do it whenever possible luckily she has been on the pill for years.

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