My Bully Named Jamal: Part 2.2

by Anonymous

See the previous My Bully Named Jamal stories to understand the full context of this series.

It was obvious, that mother's vise like, gripping, molten hot rectum provided the absolute maximum pleasure for Jamal.

As Jamal would increase the speed and depth of his attack into mother's upturned anus, she would begin to squirt huge jets of cunt juice with each and every stroke of Jamal's cock into her virgin tight, restrictive shit tube.

Like an oil rig's pump jack, Jamal's anal thrusting were both rhythmic and unrelenting, causing mother to "deliver" sweet crude grade, cunt juice with each deep, powerful stroke into her tight shit chute. Jamal would say, mother's cunt juice must be stored in her huge torpedo tits.

The copious amount of cunt juice released by mother, with every anal training session, caused our whole house to continually smell like Channel#5 fragrance, hot redheaded mommy fuck hole and raw filthy anal sex.

Mother's taught sphincter ring and involuntary rectal contractions, instinctively attempted to prevent the potentially destructive invasion of her fragile butt hole, but, they were no match for Jamal's deliberate desire to to reach full penetration of mother's most private and most sensitive fuck hole.

The combination of the extreme anal pleasure, pain and balls deep fullness, all while on full display of the neighbors, was just too much for Marie, causing her to "bite" down hard on Jamal's turgid, thick member with her powerfully spasming asshole.

Mother's powerful anal contractions were enough to cause Jamal to erupt his entire load of scalding hot African seed deep into mother's bowels.

On more than one occasion, the large volume of molten hot, Negro cum pumped into mother's rump, became a genuine sperm enema. These sperm enemas would create an uncontrolled release of potent black seed from mother's raw, gaping anus.

Jamal would immediately direct mother to eat the precious anal seed, making mom look like a starving kitten, lapping up fresh milk.

Mother did not need to be told to suck Jamal's dirty cock clean following anal training. The exquisite taste of her own just fucked rectum were just as important to her "slut satisfaction" and "slut training progression" as was the deep aggressive butt fucking and molten hot, semen enemas, deposited by Jamal.

There was no one with out the other. In mother's mind, it was just these filthy attributes and skills, that separated her from the younger "less sophisticated" sluts in training.

Mother would even write poetry describing her intense anal orgasms, experiences and exhibitionism.

Mother even attempted to paint oil portraits of her plump, fat, white ass, obscenely stretched by huge black cocks or the destructive anal aftermath, displaying her raw, gaping and sperm filled rectum, used to pleasure her aggressive, perverted, Negro lover(s).

It was an incredible sight to view mother's raw anus and vivid red ass crack following a vigorous butt fucking training session.

I often worried, mother's rectum would be irreparably damaged with Jamal's powerful, aggressive intentionally destructive anal training. Although, I truly envied Jamal's complete and total ownership of mother's anus and other holes.

I was directed by Jamal to purchase as many different 84 inch sheer window curtains, feather dusters, loose feathers and glue for some future training session for mother.

To be continued... Stay Tuned

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