My Twin Sister And Me: A True Story

by Kevin (London, UK)

My sister Holly and I are still very close, were both now nearly 30 and this story is true, but I've no way to prove it, so I guess, you'll just have to take my word for it, It happened when we were 18 on summer holidays at home.

When we were much younger our parents used to let us play naked on the beach or at home in the garden like most parents do, this went on until we were about 7, maybe a little too long but we were brother and sister and twins at that.

This one day when we were 18, we got talking about when we were little, playing naked together in the garden and things like that, Holly said I can still remember your little willy, I told her it was like her tits, much bigger these days, she said yeah right, prove it, and after a long talk we agreed to show each other our naked bodies again.

Our parents were both at work and we'd be alone in the house for hours yet so we decided to get naked in the living room, we had our backs to each other as we stripped off our clothes, I was naked first and I peeked over my shoulder to look at my sister, who was just starting to pull down a pink thong, she wore panties like that all the time so it was no surprise, but still nice to see.

When we were both ready and we counted to three and turned to face each other, we'd agreed not to cover anything up and keep our arms by our sides. Holly's body was amazing, really nice tits, slim waist, her pubic hair was short, shaved at the sides and underneath and looked so sexy, my god I said, you have changed, Holly was looking straight at my cock as she said, so have you.

I could feel my cock growing as I was starting to get a hard on looking at her, I stayed facing her until I had to turn away, she come over to me asking what was wrong, I said you know what's wrong and she said she wanted to see it anyway.

I slowly turned back to face her, with my erection pointing skywards, all Holly said was, wow, it's hugh, and kept staring at my hard on, sometimes looking at me then back to my cock and all the time I was looking at her tits and pussy, wow, she said again, you really have changed.

Then Holly asked me if it hurt getting all big like that, I told her it didn't, then she asked if she could touch it, I was a little surprised but said ok, Holly took a few steps closer and she touched it with her fingers saying how hard and warm it felt, then she she put her fingers all the way round it asking if this was okay as well, I said it was.

She seemed fascinated with my cock and was looking at it all the time, then Holly found she could pull back my foreskin by moving her hand down my shaft gripping the skin, I asked her if she'd done this before and she told she hadn't and that she was a virgin, and had never seen a cock before, not in real one anyway.

Holly began to masturbate me real slow, I don't think she really knew what she was doing as she was looking at my foreskin covering and uncovering my helmet, I told her to go a little faster and she said, Oh, ok, my breathing was getting quicker and in no time I was shooting ribbons of sperm over the floor, just missing her as she cried omg and oohhhh and omg again.

We both stood there looking at each other in the eye for a good 30 seconds before Holly sat on the sofa and started playing with the sperm on her hand, saying wow it's really slippery, I told her she better go to the kitchen to wash it off in the sink, which is what she did, I started to get dressed and when she come back in she looked at me and said, well, that was fun, I said it was and I sat on the sofa, looking at her naked body, watching her get dressed I could feel my cock stirring again.

In the afternoon of the next day we were both in the living room watching TV, Holly asked if I wanted to do some more fun like yesterday, I looked at her and smiled saying yeah sure, so we got naked again, Holly looked fantastic and I was soon hard, she stepped towards me and took hold of my cock, wrapping it in her hand, then started moving it back and forth like yesterday.

It felt great and it didn't take that long before I was cuming, shooting sperm over the floor again and over her hand, when I'd finished, we both laughed this time, and Holly said that it was amazing, she played with the sperm on her hand and we sat on the sofa naked then Holly went and washed off what was left of the sperm on her hand.

we stayed naked on the sofa talking, she had one leg up and I had a great view of her pussy lips, Holly asked if I did that to myself in my bedroom anytime, I said I did, she asked how often and I said about nearly every day, wow, she said, I've often wondered what you did in your bedroom, didn't think you did it that much, I do it as well you know, but not everyday like you.

I looked at her and said, what, how, Holly told me she rubbed her pussy using her fingers and asked if I wanted to see, I said sure and she started to show me what she did, I just sat there watching her as she rubbed one out, it was out of this world seeing those bald pussy lips moving around under her fingers, I was soon as hard as a rock and was again stroking myself watching her.

We sat there facing each other masturbating and I was amazed at all this wet stuff coming out of her, she even put a finger in her pussy just to show me what it looked like, after about 5 minutes I was shooting my load again over my stomach, cock and hand.

Holly wasn't far behind me and with eyes closed she let out a few little moans of pleasure to show she was cuming, then she slowly played with her pussy lips before opening her eyes and looked at me, then we both laughed out load for a long time as she squirmed, closed her legs and looked away, I got up to clean myself and Holly said wow, that was great.

When I come back Holly was still naked on the sofa, I sat at the opposite end and we talked a little, I asked her how long she'd been masturbating, she said a couple of years, I asked how often and she said about once or twice a week, I asked her about her pubic hair, she said her friends were doing much the same as her or shaving all of it so she copied and now preferred it, then she told me to trim mine as well, then Holly asked me if I ever watched porn, I said I'd seen it a few times when at friend's house's but not much, she said it was the same for her, I asked her which friend's, she told me, I asked if any of her friend's masturbated as well, she told me, in all we told each other lots of really hot stuff.

Holly and I masturbated together a lot that summer and we masturbated each other as well, it took me a while to get the hang of it but Holly helped me, telling me to do this or that and it was fun, but of course we never told anyone what we were doing, omg no.

We did this until we both went to University, I was the first to leave and on my last night in the house together Holly came to my bedroom, got hold of my cock and gave me an amazing blow job on the bed sitting between my legs, I later exploded cum into her mouth which she swallowed down, mind blowing, it was the first time she'd ever done anything other than masturbation with me.

Holly said it was my going away present to remember her by, then she kissed the tip of my cock, stood up and let her short summer skirt fall to the floor, pulled down her tiny lace g-string and handed them to me, I could see that he had shaved smooth which was new, Holly said I could keep them to masturbate with when I was on my own, I know you've always liked looking at my panties so now you can think of me every time you look at them.

It was the last time we ever did anything together, sexually I mean, after about 6 months of us both being at University we were finally at home at the same, Holly came to me and said she'd been thinking, and that it was best if we stopped what we'd been doing, that she would never forget it and had no regrets about anything, but it had to stop, and so it did, since then we've moved on and now we both have long term partners, which is great, but I've never forgotten and sad as it may be, I still have her panties.

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