First Time Incest: Smashing Tight Cunt Stories

First time incest. Smashing tight cunt stories. Here are quick teasers, “Fuck, she’s tight ... but wet ... Christ really wet Kev,” I told my friend as I… “Baby, you know I wouldn’t hurt you. I’ll make this good for you.” He took up his position… “It’s so big, Daddy,” she sighed breathlessly. “So big!” “Hold it, Crissy,” Douglas groaned… This time, I didn’t stop until I went as far in as I could go, inch by inch, feeling just how tight…

First Time
I met a girl at a dance as a teen soon after getting my driver's license. We started going places together. Movies, dances and out to eat. Then one night...Continue reading

Sindy And Her Son (First Time Incest)
Sindy pulled his shorts down away from his hard cock, and took the tip into her mouth, looking up into his eyes every second, as she let him slide deeper, until the tip reached the entrance to her throat. She smiled around his cock as she heard him groan…Continue reading

First Time (Helping Out My Cousin)
We can both smell the aroma of my pussy, and Sharon’s too; I vaguely notice that she is playing with herself while she watches us, taking pictures at intervals. No one speaks; we just revel in the excitement, experience, and Sharon watches...Continue reading

Mother’s Thighs (First-Time Incest)
Feeling her son getting off, three times, and then as if he was peeing, his cum was leaking more of his juices. The warm wetness of her son’s cum soaked briefs, pushing against her mound, caused Ellen to climax, and she needed to hold her son tightly…Continue reading

“We’ll Do Your Mom First,” I Said (First Time Incest)
“Fuck, she’s tight ... but wet ... Christ really wet Kev,” I told my friend as I slipped a second finger inside. “She is? Are they supposed to be?” “But it’s so tight. I don’t think my cock will ever fit in here. Oh my gawd she just squeezed my fingers.” “She did? Let me try now, it’s my turn,” Kev demanded. I slowly pulled my fingers…Continue reading

First Time With Mom (Incest)
“Push it way in, honey,” Mom whispered, pulling on my ass with both hands. I slowly sank all the way into her, right to the hilt, our bellies right against each other. Mom’s knees were bent and her big soft thighs were spread wide on each side of my legs. “Is this your first fuck?” Mom asked. “Yes, Mom,” I grunted…Continue reading

Persuading Shy Mom To Pose (First Time Incest)
Her entire pussy arse-crack and arsehole were covered in pussy juice from her excitement, so lube was no issue. Both of us were breathing heavy, as I touched my fat cockhead against her asshole. She moaned and faced the camera. “We need some more realistic faces Mom, so I’m gonna press a little harder OK…Continue reading

Daddy’s Naughty Daughters (First Time Incest)
“It’s so big, Daddy,” she sighed breathlessly. “So big!” “Hold it, Crissy,” Douglas groaned. He swallowed, moistening his mouth as his prick throbbed like a toothache. “Touch it like I touched you.” “Oooh, I will,” she panted. “I wanna do everything with it.” She licked her lips and brought her small trembling hands to her father’s cock…Continue reading

Worth Waiting For (First-Time Incest)
“Baby, you know I wouldn’t hurt you. I’ll make this good for you.” He took up his position, and began to press into me. Slowly, not just out of fear of hurting me, but simply because my unused pussy wouldn’t allow entrance any faster. The feeling of being invaded and stretched beyond belief was overwhelming and satisfying…Continue reading

Mom Needs It (First Time Incest)
“Relax, baby,” I told him in a soothing voice. “I just want to taste your sweet cock.” He literally gasped at my words and I looked down to see a fresh bead of pre-cum emerge from his prick. I took the base of it in my hand and licked the salty sperm away. I loved the taste of sperm, and it had been far too long since I’d been able to…Continue reading

A Sister Surprise (First Time Incest)
Breaking the kiss, Sarah said, looking conflicted, “Joey, I want that big dick of yours in me so bad, but I can’t be the one to take your virginity.” “Sarah, there’s no other girl I would ever want to lose it to,” I replied, meaning it. I continued, “I love you as a sister, but also as a person. You’re the only person I know who’s beautiful…Continue reading

Daughters Horny Urges (First-Time Incest)
“Oh, Mom, Dad, that was wonderful. But I want more. I want Daddy’s cock inside me.... I want to be fucked!” Jenny turned to her husband. “Yes, fuck her, Tony. I want to watch. Make our little girl a woman!” Tony lay his daughter on her back and spread her legs wide. Kneeling between her gorgeous thighs he aimed his…Continue reading

Kitty Does Daddy (First Time Incest)
“Oh god, yes Daddy, yes. Do me do me do me,” she kept repeating over and over as Dan watched his cock gain inch by inch. Each time he withdrew it, more of his cock was coated with her juices and it was easier to slide it back in. Finally, when he had worked almost two thirds of it into her, he felt the glans hit…Continue reading

I Found My Sister Stripping (First-Time Incest)
She looked me in the eyes, and I was mesmerized. She began to rub the tip of my dick along her wet slit, and I couldn’t hold back a moan of purest pleasure. “Listen. I need dick, and I need it now.” As she talked she continued to rub me against her, slowly picking up the pace. “Now you are the only one here with what I need…Continue reading

Nicole’s Gift, The First Time (Incest)
“Should I stop?” I asked, as my daughter continued grimacing in pain. “Don’t you dare,” she moaned. “Keep feels so good.” I gladly obliged my daughter’s request and continued pushing my throbbing cock inside of her tiny opening. This time, I didn’t stop until I went as far in as I could go, inch by inch, feeling just how tight…Continue reading

Feeling My Daughter (First-Time Incest)
“Oh, daddy, that feels. . .feels. . .oh God, that feels so hot! I’ve never felt anything like that before.” “I can tell you like it. Your little butthole is quivering every time I circle it..” “I can’t describe the feeling. Do it again daddy!” I did as she wished and circled her tight little virgin ass again with my finger. Again, it crumpled…Continue reading

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