First Time Thrill

by Carl (CA)

Don was sitting on the floor and he had gotten Jason to sit on his lap facing him. Then Don had quite easily introduced the lubricated swollen head of his boner into Jason’s butt hole. It took little effort to push his organ in farther.

Jason was surprised to suddenly find himself being accommodating of Don’s boner like this, to be feeling his stiff sex inside of him.

“Oh, that feels good …” Don breathed. He was smiling, looking confident and pleased to be doing this with the younger male.

“Ohhh ..” Jason moaned slightly.

The two of the were neighbors in the same apartment building and had started to become sort of casual friends over the last two months. Don was in his late thirties and single, and Jason was in his early twenties and single, too.

There was a good male camaraderie between them. Don was a good looking guy, well built and had a very winning, easy going and confident personality that was easy to be admiring of. Jason was slender with longish sandy-blonde hair and somewhat quite.

Jason was over at Don’s apartment that morning and the two of them had just been talking, and Don remarked on how he was feeling horny. Jason rather shyly admitted that he was, as well. Without making it seem like a big deal, Don had suggested that they get naked and play around.

Normally Jason might have baulked at doing something like that with another guy, especially since he never had, and especially since he was not gay. Don hardly seemed gay, though, just very good looking and masculine, and there was something about his casual approach which Jason had found intriguing.

So their clothes had come off, with Don grinning proudly over displaying his erect manhood, which was handsomely thick, with veins showing around its curved six inch shaft.

Jason had no problem in quickly achieving an erection too, and felt proud that his was bigger and an impressive eight full inches. Something which Don had been pleased to see and had complimented him over.

They had proceeded to hold and fondle each other’s stiff organ, and Jason found this quite exciting to do. He had never experienced anything so male before and found it to be extremely rewarding. He was surprised to discover why guys who were not gay enjoyed messing around with other guys just for fun.

Don had sucked on his dick a little bit, and Jason had then bravely taken the broad swollen head of Don’s dick into his mouth, finding his doing that to be very amazing and thrilling. Following that Don had gotten out a small tube of lubrication and had Jason slick some onto his rigid boner, allowing his hand to smoothly glide along it length.

Then Don has sat on the living floor and invited him over to sit on lap, which Jason had done quite uninhibitedly, not knowing what to expect.

As Don introduced his boner into his butt Jason had been surprised, and even more surprised when Don had accomplished this so easily.

Suddenly he felt his tight butt hole stretching around Don’s maleness, and then it’s sexual length pushing up into him. It was so incredible to be that yielding to Don’s sexual urge like this, and Jason could hardly believe how exciting it felt. His boner responded by becoming outrageously stiff, the head fully expanded and red.

“Uh … it feels so good to have my dick in your butt,” Don said.

“Oh … yeah …” Jason breathed, feeling almost overwhelmed.

Experimentally he raised his hips up a little and sank back down, allowing Don’s manhood to slide in and out of him. Then he did this again and was thrilled by the realization that he was actually fucking Don’s erection. Jason felt delighted to be exploring his unknown anal capacity like this. He looked at Don and Don looked back at him and there was this wonderful shared understanding.

Again and again Jason worked his butt hole smoothly and easily up and down the slick, lubricated shaft of Don’s boner, doing so with a prideful satisfaction, all the while feeling his own outrageous sexual excitement increasing.

Suddenly and without warning, Jason found himself ejaculating. The semen squirted wildly from his rigid boner with an intensity he had never known before.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Don grunted as Jason was ejaculating.

Suddenly it occurred to Jason in a moment that Don started to ejaculate inside of him as well.

“Ooo … Ooo … Ooo…” Don moaned with the repeated surges of his boner that was thrust up deep inside of the younger male. He savored the pleasure of delivering his sperm so fully.

When it was over Jason could only take breath after breath, overcome by the experience.

Don was breathing hard but managed to smile.

After a full minute, Jason managed to extricate himself, feeling Don’s still thick organ slip from his now thoroughly used butt hole. He smiled weakly.

“Oh …” he breathed. “I wasn’t planning to do that.”

“Did you enjoy it, though?” Don questioned.

“Yeah …” Jason admitted.

“It sure felt good doing that in you,” Don said.

Already Jason knew that he would be doing this again with the older good looking male. That he would find it irresistible for him and Don to fuck again. And already he was looking forward to that. He had no doubt that Don sure was.

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